Wondering What the MORE is in "There is More?"

what is the more in there is more


Check out this unrehearsed prophetic message 



Many right now are beginning to feel this subtle yet deep disatisfaction in their spirit. It's unnamed and perplexing but you're really beginning to question what is the "MORE" as promised by God? What is the "MORE" in the thematic messaging of 2018, "There is More" as we see circulating the globe through Apostolic leader, Pastor Brian Houston through his new book, #ThereIsMoreBook and Hillsong Worship's newest album, "There is More".... 

Sometimes when God is doing a corporate work in His Church, (ya know, the "Big C" Church), we have common experiences and sense things together but often don't know what to DO with it. That's one of the beautiful advantages of God using prophetic voices to lend expression to the senses AND learn how to navigate through these seasons of sensitivity. I'm honored that I'm beginning to lean in more and more to this gift and ask Holy Spirit the right questions, such as: 

  • Is this for me only? (private word)

  • Is this for the Body of Christ?" (corporate word)

  • Is this an urgent word?

  • What would you like me to say?

In this season, this dissatisfaction may be an internal work that God is doing. He may be convicting you and causing you to question if in fact you really are living out the truest expression of His purposes for you. He may be stirring you up and exposing limiting beliefs, habits, voices, and even curses that are holding you back from experiencing the "MORE" as He has promised. 

When we have these feelings of dissatisfaction, we often look outwardly to pinpoint or place "blame" on others, the environments we're in, etc. But I really challenge you through the prompting of Christ to first look INWARDLY and ask in prayer and fasting if the stirring you're experiencing is resulting from the limits you're putting on Holy Spirit and not allowing Him to fully do His work in you and THROUGH you. 

Thank God for Hillsong's prophetic offering - it's causing us to ask the right questions and experience God's glory in new and bold ways. It's causing us to arise and begin to shine the light of His glory in this earth for generations to come! 

Stay EXCITED, friend! Don't let the enemy use this season of shifting and sifting get you down and anxious...this NEW THING He's doing is really quite AMAZING and YOU have an open invitation to JOIN HIM in this amazing commission!! 



Does this message speak to you today? Please share your experience in the comments below and let's create a community of prayer and support!