Learning About the Gift of Prophecy

How I learned about the gift of prophecy

As you may know, I grew up Catholic. So my understanding of the Bible and practical Christian living was limited. I received my first Bible from a friend in High School. Though I was immediately intrigued and studied a lot, I didn’t have pastors, leaders, or mentors walking me through what I was reading and helping me to understand (let alone apply what I was learning). I didn’t have a “church home” (I use that term so loosely now that I realize my HOME is in Heaven - Philippians 3:20) until I was 29 years old, and by then I had already absorbed so much teaching through my own personal study and through the internet. Praise God for Google + YouTube, right?!

For so long, I was confused and even somewhat critical about the gift of prophecy. I would search the scriptures and try to figure out the "proper way" we as The Church under the New Covenant should outwork this gift. Sometimes even making bold judgments (due to my immaturity and limited understanding) about how it should NOT be used and fearful that it could be used in harmful and manipulative ways.

But the natural [unbelieving] man does not accept the things [the teachings and revelations] of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness [absurd and illogical] to him; and he is incapable of understanding them, because they are spiritually discerned and appreciated, [and he is unqualified to judge spiritual matters]. - 1 Corinthians 2:14

Over the years as I’ve ministered, coached and counseled people, many people have reached out and confessed their confusion and curiosity for this gift as well. Maybe you’re in this category. If so, I welcome you to read on!

Here I'd like to share with you a summary of how I learned about the incredible gift of prophecy (that is available to all). My prayer is that this can be a helpful guide to learn about the GIFT of prophecy, strike your curiosity and empower you to seek this gift.

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.
— 1 Corinthians 14:1 NIV

When I first started this post (on April 16, 2018, mind you) I started diving in so deep that I began to realize this is such an in-depth subject in which so many other anointed people have already done a tremendous job explaining through books and courses. So, here’s my attempt to simplify this subject by sharing my journey of learning and recommending my favorite and most credible teachers I recommend learning from.

What does Prophet mean?

The word prophet comes from the Hebrew word, nabiy' or nĕbiy'ah (prophetess) which is translated to "spokesperson, speaker." (Strongs H5030) and is found 316 times in 288 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the KJV. 


Where to start

  1. Grab Your Bible

My suggestion is to grab your Bible. The paper one. Yeah, the YouVersion Bible App is great…but your phone is full of distractions. Whether you’re new to Bible reading or a seasoned saint, I encourage you to learn how to stretch and exercise your way in the paper text. Learn to navigate your way through the pages. Get excited to journey through looking up the cross references + footnotes. In my experience, that’s how I learned the most. Just me and Holy Spirit going on a journey of learning through the Word.

My personal favorite…the one I used to learn the most: My big, honkin’ Life Application Study Bible. Whichever Bible you have, flip allllll the way to the back where you will find the Dictionary/Concordance. Look up “Prophecy” and under it you will find tons of scripture addresses to go look up and learn.

2. Pray

ActiveChristianity.org put it well:

Now the role of the Holy Spirit is to speak to us through the Bible – the Word of God – in exactly the same way. That’s why it is so important to read the Bible. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand what we read. And later, in many situations, the Holy Spirit will teach us and give us light, especially by reminding us of those very words from the Bible.

As you’re approaching any kind of Bible study, pray and ask Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and reveal wisdom and understanding. (John 16:13, Ephesians 1:17)

3. Take Notes

Grab your journal and take notes. Write down what you’re learning. Even write down what confuses you or what you still have questions about…do this in a form of prayer…like “Father, I’m still unsure about ____. Holy Spirit help me understand. Give me divine wisdom and revelation so that I may know you better. I trust that you are the best teacher and that you can lead me to anointed and approved teachers to help walk me through this as well.”


Who I’ve Been Led to Learn From:

In this section I’m just going to share some of the prophetic teachers I’ve personally come to know, like and trust. You’re entitled to your opinion and preference as well.

  • Nate + Christy Johnston

    I came across Nate + Christy a few years ago from a friend that send me one of their videos via Facebook. Since then it seems every word they release has some kind of personal meaning to me. Oftentimes they use language that directly coincides with my recent prayers or things I’ve captured in my journal which I find so comforting and confirming. They also have a way of delivering words that Holy Spirit uses to convict me - meaning cause me to think and approach things differently. Like a healthy heaven-sent challenge.

    You can connect with them via:

  • Shawn Bolz

    And finally, Shawn Bolz. Shawn Bolz is arguably one of the most gifted prophetic voices we have in this generation. If you don’t know Shawn, I recommend you look him up on YouTube or check out his website, Bolz Ministries. There you will find eCourses, podcasts and more.

He is also hosting a Modern Prophetic Tour in many cities around the world.  

Shawn Bolz Modern Prophetic Tour 2019 Cities Image

I am so thrilled that in just 9 days from now, he’ll be joining us in Phoenix!

I’m even MORE thrilled to let you know that I have some FREE tickets! If you’re in the Phoenix area and would like to attend Shawn Bolz Modern Prophetic Tour on Saturday 8/3 @ 7pm at Church for the Nations, all you have to do is SEND ME A MESSAGE via the chat box in the lower right part of your screen and send me your email address! I have LIMITED tickets available, so hurry and send that message to claim yours before they’re gone!

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