Relationships Matter

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On Saturday, November 11, 2017 I received a call from a former co-worker with shocking news. Our dear friend, Amy had a tragic accident and passed away. 


Never in a million years would I think I'd be asked to minister for a friend's memorial service. The extent of my leadership and ministry, so far, has been in serving in my local church, leading volunteer teams, hosting connect groups, and ministering to my closest friends. 

As I wrote in my previous blog, "Take Jesus to Work With You," we all have a responsibility to share our faith in the sphere of influence we've been entrusted with. We have to be willing to open ourselves up to be the salt and light of the world that is wandering, wondering, hurting and searching for the solution that can only be found in Jesus. 

Today I want to share my heart regarding the importance of placing high value on relationships. 


romans 1218.PNG

As Romans 12:18 tells us:

So long as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone 






This particular verse is contained in my single most favorite chapter of scripture (at least for now). This command is conveniently wrapped within the section that speaks of "Love in Action." 

As people of God, we have a responsibility to ensure that we are the peacemakers of the world. That the words of our heart are saturated with truth and love. We are unifiers, not dividers. When drama comes to us, we must bring the peace of God in us and allow God to work through us. 

This is a practice that is presented in hardship. When division and dissension are apparent. When we COULD give in to the gossip, slander, and problems we face. When our workplace drama is escalating, when family troubles are evident, when friends have offenses, when we're hurt by people in our churches, when divorce happens and there are all kinds of issues we are forced to navigate....




I challenge you in the midst of your challenges to think of the bigger picture. To place high value on the preservation of relationships above all else. When a division must happen (changing jobs, switching churches, ending a relationship), leave with grace. Depart in peace. Do all you can to value the blessings in every situation and with each person. 

It's irrelevant which banner you're under on earth (work title, last name, etc.)...because you serve YAHWEH NISSI, "The Lord is my Banner."

Relationships Matter. I am so thankful for the friendships I've developed in the different jobs I've had. And I'm so honored to have been asked to minister at Amy's Candlelight Vigil amongst her closest family and friends. Although I felt entirely unqualified for such a task, my dear friend and prior boss Raquel said, "Heather, you're the first person I thought of. I know that you will be able to deliver a beautiful message in that moment. We wouldn't have it any other way." Wow. 

Life is so precious and so short...death reminds us of that. Reconciliation is possible so long as there is air in your lungs and a beat in your chest. If there are relationships that need mending in your life, please be empowered by this message to take a step of obedience and courageously offer a gesture of reconciliation and forgiveness. Put down the defenses, cancel the offenses and simply choose to BE.LOVE. Because you are called BELOVED. 

In memory of Amy Camacho Tsutsumi 3.23.77 - 11.11.17


Do you have a relationship that needs reconciliation? Please send me a message or comment below so that this community can pray with you. And in an effort to bless those who are needing the courage to mend a relationship today, please share a success story of reconciliation to encourage them!

Take Jesus to Work With You


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On Saturday November 11, 2017 I received a call from a former co-worker with shocking news. Our dear friend, Amy had a tragic accident and passed away. 

I worked with Amy for a short time as her Transaction Coordinator in Real Estate. We both had since left the team we were on but the bond that we shared went beyond business. 

Amy was truly a beautifully unique individual. A powerhouse. Literally. She was loud, crazy fun, full of energy and truly free from the confines of political correctness. She was authentically, unapologetically herself with every person and in every situation. I must admit, when I first met her...I didn't know how to take her. I thought she was obnoxiously rude. I remember turning to another coworker, Jenny for some help on how to approach her. Jenny just sweetly laughed and affirmed that it's not uncommon for Amy to have a strong and lasting first impression....but she encouraged me to not be offended because she knew Amy and Amy is one of the kindest people on the planet. I'm glad I let that first encounter go and made it a mission to pursue an understanding of Amy. She blessed my life tremendously. She was fierce and fearless and she helped me overcome moments of fear myself. She stood with me in times of doubt and discouragement and spoke bold truth to me kinda like a football coach would...and I would leave the conversation feeling empowered. 

Although most people think of Amy as bulletproof, I was privileged to see a different side of Amy. Her soft and vulnerable side. Once she called regarding a work matter and the conversation quickly turned into a personal one. While I would never disclose the details of our private conversation, I'm honored that she opened up to me. I remember her crying and saying, "I don't know why I'm telling you all this...I don't open up to hardly anyone. Ever!" 

In one conversation she shared her concern for business and finances. As with everyone in Real Estate, it's an emotional rollercoaster working so hard to build relationships with clients, working long, crazy hours, and not really having the option to just step away any time you want. It's a very involved, very multi-layed business with no financial guarantee. Markets shift, deals fall through, team members leave, there are times of abundance and times of scarcity. It's cyclical. 


As a person of faith, my first response to heaviness, heartache and hardships is PRAYER. 


In that conversation, I asked Amy if she'd be comfortable if I prayed. She agreed. On the phone, in my living room I started boldly declaring God's favor and provision over her life. I petitioned Heaven for a rapid response to our requests and that our Father would miraculously break in and just show her how He delights in her and that she can fully depend on Him to meet all her needs....AS I was praying she GASPED:

Heather, you're never going to believe this! I just got a text notification right now that I received a FULL PRICE offer on one of my listings. Oh my God! I can't believe it! I can't believe it. This home is overpriced and has been on the market for a long time. I was worried I was going to lose this listing. I can't believe it." 

I jumped up from my chair and started shouting praises to God, thanking Him for coming through so quickly. Excited that I got to be a part of that moment, a glimpse of time where Heaven drew near to earth and showed Himself faithful to Amy. 

God blew ME away that day. As a witness to His provision for her, it solidified my faith and now I get to share it as a testimony of His grace. That moment also further branded me as a minister. By allowing my faith to be known, I was able to be a voice of truth and love. I knew then that although my job title was "Transaction Coordinator", I've been marked by God (as all Jesus lovers are) as a representative; an ambassador of Christ. 

Friends, let this story encourage and empower you to TAKE JESUS TO WORK WITH YOU every single day. There is a wondering, wandering, hurting and searching world out there that desperately NEEDS to hear and see the Good News displayed for them. You've been entrusted with a sphere of influence in your life. Anyone that you're in contact with is in your sphere. Your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, student peers, people you do business with, people that do business with you, people in passing...if you share air with people, they're in your sphere. 

Don't leave it up to your pastors on the platform to declare the message of Jesus. You're commissioned by JESUS to share your heart with everyone you can. And the truth is, there are more people on the OUTSIDE of the church than there are inside. Therefore, you are being SENT to reach them where they are. Open yourself up to be used by God. Don't keep it quiet. Let people know your story, how God has and is moving in your life. Let Him work through YOU!


Do you have a "marketplace ministry" story to share? Please encourages us all! 

Preparing the Table

I am so excited to get to be a part of the leadership launch team of our new location opening of our local church.

(Notice how I used "our" as an implication of ownership. I wanted to place emphasis on this because there are many people who simply attend church...but fewer are those who step up and step in with a commitment to serve, set the table and invite guests to experience the beauty of The Church. Hear my I shared in Welcome Home! I had spent YEARS trying to find a church "home" that I could invest in, serve and build deep and meaningful relationships. I believe it was my 2nd visit, I was invited to come the next week to step in and serve on the Welcome Team. From there, I have been privileged to continually serve in multiple capacities and it's SERVING that has brought me into a great appreciation for The Church as Christ intended it to be. I've found a spiritual family that has blessed my life tremendously. I have leaders that stretch and support me continuously and blessings on blessings on blessings have resulted in my willingness to say, "What can I help with?" If you are struggling to really feel connected in your local best advice is to step in to start serving!)

My Nana is truly THE most incredible hostess I've ever witnessed in my life. She puts on a family holiday or gathering like no one I've ever seen. She exhausts herself for weeks in advance in preparation for the gathering. She has every detail meticulously planned out to ensure a beautiful, inviting, lovely experience for all who enter her home. 

Ever since I was little, I was tasked with setting the table. Under her guidance, she taught me the art of a well-set table, complete with pressed linens, fine china, gold flatware, crystal glasses, candles, festive decor, fabric napkins with monogrammed "F" napkin rings, salt and pepper carefully dispersed throughout the table and of course wine ready to be poured. {C'mon, we're is a's even in our food!}


Nana's attention to detail in setting the table is so reflective of that of Jesus' heart. 


I can also see Proverbs 9:2-6 was written, specifically about her. {Kidding...kind of}

"She has prepared a great banquet, mixed the wines, and set the table. She has sent out her servants to invite everyone to come. She calls out from the heights overlooking the city, "Come in with me," she urges the simple. To those who lack good judgment, she says, "Come, eat my food, and drink the wine I have mixed. Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live; learn to use good judgment." 


I learned in my Life Application Study Bible {the #1 sword I recommend to literally every person I know as I wrote in Bible Sale!}, this passage has an interesting parallel to the banquet Jesus described in The Parable of the Great Feast (Luke 14:15-24)

Jesus spoke of a man who prepared a great feast and the invited guests came back with silly excuses why they couldn't attend. So the man responded by commanding his servants to go out into the streets and alleys to invite the homeless, poor, marginalized, destitute, vulnerable, and outcasts to join in the party. 

As I have been preparing both in action and in heart for the opening of this new campus, I can't help but pray for every person in our city to be drawn to our house. I pray that every pastor, leader, and volunteer is ready with arms wide open to accept every single person in through our doors and that we as a team do an exceptional job preparing the table for each guest to come in, feel at home, be well fed with the spiritually nutritious meat of the Word of God and they will leave filled and transformed by the love of God. 

Our church goes over and BEYOND in preparing the table for every event we do. It's absolutely captivating. It's stunning. It's carefully planned, every detail. And we do it because it's a way for us to provide a space reflective of God's Kingdom. His beautiful Church on earth deserves great care in preparation for the gathering of believers and non believers alike. We care because HE cares. 

I invite you to come and join our banquet. There's a seat reserved specifically for you, whoever you are. If you're local, come join us at one of our services across the valley...Hillsong is also a global church with locations in many nations...if there's not a location near you...find a local church and visit. Check it out. You'll know HOME when you find it! 


Speaking of incredible preparation and design, if you're hosting a special event in the Phoenix area, you've got to check out my amazing friend Olivia with Fox and West Event Design 


I invite honesty's a safe place...if you've been resistant to church, what has been your hesitation? 

My {RE}birth Declaration

On This Day....November 2, 2014. 

I was in a season of great turmoil. I was entangled in another unhealthy relationship and although my spirit had known for quite awhile I needed to end it, I fought and fought to hold onto it. Anxiety and depression took residence in my heart. I was miserable. On this night, everything changed. I had a radical Holy Spirit encounter while crying out uncontrollably on my bed, begging for God to break in and save me from this internal battle. It was a sudden wave of peace that came upon me in an instant. My aching heart felt no pain. My confused mind was replaced with complete clarity. It was almost as if I were transported to the "Holy of Holies" having a direct transactional conversation with God. I was changed and transformed and arose the next day knowing that life would never be the same. Jesus had become my LORD. The King of Kings. The driving force of my life. My #1. That day and always. He asked that I give Him my life, my fears, my hopes, my future....He asked that I serve Him fully and completely. He asked that I use my story for His glory. He asked that I begin to write and produce content to bring comfort, peace, and encouragement into the hearts of His people. That next day, He implanted a ministry in my heart titled, "Raised to Life." For about a year I build a site, made YouTube Videos, and shared my writing on that space and was also a featured writer for a few other online platforms. I began to get some recognition as I wrote about here, But I knew "Raised to Life" was a forthtelling prophecy which is to be fully birthed in the future. I switched gears this year and developed this platform, Heather! 

Here is the declaration that changed the entire course of my life. I hope it grabs ahold of some hurting, wandering hearts today. I know He's desperately seeking you even MORE than you're searching for Him. Perhaps today could be YOUR (RE)birthday?


The enemy is using the same old schemes of attack, he's not very clever. He's trying to make me believe I'm not worth it, I can't do it, I'm "too much" and "not enough" at the same time. Been so down and defeated, in isolation, under constant criticism and even being completely ignored. I may be knocked down but I'm not dead. And if I matter so little to some, they will be lovingly blessed and released because "greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." I'm a conqueror because I am protected by Almighty God. Even though I don't deserve it because I screw up all the time, I believe in Him who has saved me and that greener pastures are meant for me. I'm ready to acquire the Promised Land. I'm ready to live life abundantly. I'm ready to pull myself up off the ground and I'm saying NO MORE to the mistreatment. My shield of faith will block me from the stones thrown. My sword is sharp and I'm ready to slice through the lies. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of all my good qualities to not just be overlooked but turned into negatives. No more. I'm not perfect. I never will be. (This side of Heaven). I can't take the anchor around my feet pulling me down with unrealistic expectations. Constantly being held under the gun yet expected to drop everything to pour out all my support and encouragement when they're going through a tough time. 

I just gotta be real.

Because I believe that God allows us to face battles sometimes so that when we overcome them we can be a witness, a coach and encourager for others. I believe there are people out there that may be under attack as well and may benefit greatly from this declaration. It is my prayer, friends that you too can find the strength to face the giant. I believe you WILL overcome whatever you are up against!

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What's your {Re}birth story? Do you have a moment that God grabbed ahold of your heart? Please share your story in the comments below....Let's believe this will significantly impact someone today! 

The Accident

The day was just like any other day. A normal Thursday at work, October 29, 2015. I had been getting excited as I was planning on moving from Glendale to my workplace in Mesa at the time. Relieved that the 2 hour commute in crazy rush hour traffic was nearing it's end. Thrilled at the idea of getting to start fresh again. For the past 6 years since I moved back from Colorado, I hadn't had a place of my own. In a long series of events and financial hardship, I just couldn't seem to get ahead. So, finally in 1 week, I'd be moving into my own two bedroom apartment, with a beautiful office, and have people over for food and fellowship...I was delighted!

Each day on the drive I'd pass by the most catastrophic car accidents. Ones where cars flipped over medians, traffic often corralled into one lane, at times even forced to exit as there may have been a casualty. This day was no different. I drove past another wreckage, turned the music down and prayed as I usually do. 



But that day my prayers sounded a little bit different, "Lord please draw near to those that were injured in that accident and bring them rapid healing. I pray for comfort and peace for all of those involved including the families who are getting shocking news. I pray Heavenly Father that you bring your legions of angels around that medical situation and that wisdom will prevail. Heavenly Father I know that this drive is dangerous and I see accidents literally every single day on my two hour commute. Please just surround me with your safety this next week as I am moving toward my workplace and hopefully will not have to sit subject myself in dangers way. Protect me, Father on my drive and get me to my destination safely in Jesus name amen."


 It wasn’t about five minutes later and a few miles ahead sitting high in my big Ford F1 50 truck where I saw commotion happening in front of me. I’ve always had a fear while driving that big truck (aka a death machine, if not careful) that I could hurt or kill someone. So when I saw the commotion ahead of me I immediately slammed on my brakes. Because I’m so small (5 foot nothing, about 110 pounds) my seatbelt did not restrain me. I came up and out of my seat and held onto the steering wheel while bracing my foot on the break so that I did not fly through the windshield. My heart beating out of my chest, I found a slight sense of relief that I  had avoided the commotion that was ahead of me....but that moment was short-lived when I realized the person behind me was not able to stop in time and slammed into the back of me. Once again I came up and out of my seat holding onto the steering wheel braced on the break as I was in complete shock that although I had avoided hitting others, I myself had been hit.


 I was thankful that I didn’t sustain any external injuries,  no broken bones or blood was upon me but my spirit was crushed. I wish I could say that my prayers were thankful that I wasn’t seriously injured but instead I got angry and yelled out to God. "WHY?!" I had just asked Him to protect me on my drive as I was only one week away from moving into my apartment with the hope of avoiding a bad accident like this one. To add to the drama of the scene, the sky began to draw dark and a subtle mist of rain began to fall. 

 We sat there in the small pile up in the middle of I 10 by the 51 N. break waiting for the police to arrive. The man that hit me was bleeding out of his face. Evidently he had hit the rearview mirror or windshield or steering well and was bleeding all over. It appeared as if his tooth went through his lip. Ouch.

 When the police arrived I found out that this man had no license, no insurance, and was on probation driving his mothers car. The back of my truck was quite banged up, the tailgate totally smashed. After talking to my boss and calling my stepdad to come find me on the road to take me home, I sat on the median in the cold, wet rain just staring at the wreckage. 

 When the tow truck driver arrived to assess my truck, he called my stepdad and I over to show us something quite shocking. He had us look under the bed of the truck and pointed out that the frame of the truck had been bent by impact. He went on to tell us that had I been hit with that same impact in any other part of the vehicle I most likely would have been air-evacuated away from the scene but because I was hit on the frame of my truck I was able to sustain that type of impact and walk away a very lucky girl but that the truck itself would likely be considered totaled .

 I woke up that next day in complete shock, my body aching all over. I immediately drove to the chiropractor I’ve seen for many years and got an adjustment. He told me I would probably need ongoing treatments in order to make sure that my spine would heal correctly from the whiplash that I endured. I’m sad, however, to report that the boss that I was working for at the time didn’t show a lot of value for the internal injuries that I endured and was not all that supportive of me having to rearrange my schedule so that I can get nearly daily treatments.


Just two days later I was scheduled on Friday, October 31  to serve behind the scenes for a big event that we hosted as we had Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston visiting for a night of worship and the celebration of his new book,  "Live. Love. Lead."  I told my pastor that I was in a bad accident but that was still intending to be there but that I may not be able to do a lot of heavy lifting or move quickly. She of course give me lots of love,  prayer and support. 


 During those days driving the rental car I worried about what the outcome of my insurance situation would be like. The truth is that truck was my first auto loan and having bad credit at the time, I stupidly agreed to sign a 17% interest loan! I knew that truck was upside down (meaning that I owed more on it than what it was worth). I was so worried that not only would I not have a vehicle but that I wouldn’t have the finances in order to get myself into a new reliable car. The situation offered an opportunity for me to align my voice with heaven and pray as if I’ve already received it. My prayers sounded like "God you know the situation and I know that I am in your hands. I know Heavenly Father that you delight in me and that You ARE going to come through in the situation in my favor it is outcome is going to end up turning out better than what I anticipated I am believing for you for this in Jesus name." 


 Just a few days later I got a call from my insurance company with great news that I was not prepared to hear he informed me that they ended deemed the truck totaled but that in a form of settlement that they were going to pay out $4000 this would enable me to put a down payment on a new vehicle and hopefully one with a much better interest rate on the loan.  


 That next weekend my grandfather and I did some research and drove out to a car dealership. I had my eye on a black Ford Edge that had all of what I needed including low mileage (come to find out it was a prior leased vehicle and in pristine condition). As we walked into that dealership not knowing what to expect (or at least expecting a less than favorable experience) I ended up driving away with a great deal with a 4.1% interest with very little money down. It was the exact car that I wanted, acar that I could feel safe in that got me much better gas mileage! (In the truck that I had I got 11 miles to the gallon and now I am blessed to receive 24 miles per gallon!)  


 Each time I get in my car it reminds me of the blessings of God and His favor on my life. Not only that I walked away from a situation that could have been critical or deadly, but instead He protected, blessed me and provided for me.


 Although I do wish that I could say that my neck healed properly from those injuries, I did not continue treatment because of my job situation. So for the past 2 years I’ve been in chronic pain in my neck and back A couple weeks ago,  my doctor called for x-rays and found that I had degenerated discs in C4 and C5 and that I have inflammation in my tendons and ligaments. We discussed many options for treatments (all of which are outside of my current budget). I do my absolute best every day to function the best that I can and pay little attention to the pain that I endure on a regular basis. I am believing for healing. Miraculous healing or miraculous provision to begin treatments to help get me back feeling great again! 



 I write this message not to shed light on an a bad situation or ask for sympathy...but because I want to use it to encourage someone else. I don’t know who is reading this or what you’re going through. Maybe you're experiencing a catastrophic "crash" in your life... what injuries you may have sustained or what inconveniences you might be going through right now... all I can tell you is that although I don’t know the outcome of your situation, I do know that the God that we serve is good and I believe that you can align your mind and language with heaven and believe big, remaining fully dependent on Him,  He WILL come through and His FAVOR is greater than you an imagine.  Believe and  become expectant that God will come through for you in ways that are better than what you think. Keep the faith my dear friend and please share how God is moving in your life because it's the power of the testimony that brings encouragement all !


Do you have a story of miraculous healing you'd be willing to share in the comments below? You never know how the power of your testimony could bring encouragement to other readers. And if you're in the midst of a wreckage in your life, I empower you to share here...I assure you, this community will come alongside you and lift you up and walk you through it. 

Heartsong for My Husband

{A poetic Heartsong for my Husband in my personal journal on 11/16/10}

Purification hurts-tested against the elements. Imposition of comfort consumes. Uncomfortable and tested, one will endure-and the result: a rare, unique, intricately designed piece of art. Just endure. Endure the pain and gain. Gain all you can and claim it.

It is but a series of unknown days that lie before us. Days I optimistically and joyfully embrace with the hope that we draw near and not apart. What will the days bring? ...And the nights, yes. Only to feel your presence dancing within me, no hesitation lingers amongst the song we move to. Prove me right, my dear. Come alongside me. Hold my hand and be patient as we walk. Together. Please. Let's apply the desires, carefully. Purposefully. Aware. Together, alas!

For my single friends, it's not wrong for your soul to cry out for your future spouse. Don't let anyone convince you that the longing in your spirit is unhealthy. God knows the desire of your heart because He created humanity for community and has a very special and beautiful design for marriage. I will, however, remind you that we must be careful not to fall into idolatry. This can happen when we place the desire for anyone or anything ABOVE our desire for God, Himself. But if you're seeking God with your whole mind, heart, soul and strength AND you're believing Him for His promises and being patient in the waiting, then you, my dear friend are completely justified in your desire. 

Pray for your spouse. They're real, living, breathing, human beings on this planet right at this very moment. You don't know who they are, where they are, what they're doing, what their struggling with, what they're working through, what they're learning...but there's a space in their heart that is reserved specifically for YOU. God is at work. Just keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, find contentment in His love for you and focus on being the wife or husband your spouse will honor. Live your life in such a way that honors God and by doing so, you will show honor to the person He has in store for your future. 


Let's Connect! 

Do you pray for your future spouse?

Healing Honey





This is a flashback post from 6.6.16.

I was working as an apartment manager at the time and on this day we discovered we had a bee hive on our property. My maintenance supervisor came to the office to show me part of the comb. It captured my heart! 

Proverbs 16:24

Isn't this SO amazing?! Well I think it is. 
Why do I find it so awesome?

Well it started that morning in my morning Bible study...I've made it a daily devotional to read the Proverb of the day for a couple months now. Crack open Proverbs 16 and check out verse 24:


Did you catch that?

Okay so honey is an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, it boosts performance and endurance, reduces fatigue, is an immediate energy boost, boosts the immune system, prevents cancer, tumors and heart disease.

So put it together🔑 KIND WORDS HEAL soul and offer a kind word to someone today....but more importantly, speak kindly to YOURSELF today and watch the healing come!!!!


What honey drenched words could you offer a hurting heart today?

Overcoming Temptation - An Expository Bible Commentary

Overcoming Temptation


This is a personal journal piece written about 8 years ago. Holy Spirit took me through an expository teaching and here I'd like to share with you.

  The expository method of Bible study seeks to present truths, concepts and principles that are taught by a Scripture passage. It does not impose a meaning on a passage, but seeks a meaning from the passage

Let's dive in!


1 Cor 10.13.jpg


And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. -1 Corinthians 10:13


1. LET:

God's plan is intricately designed for us. He simply allows us to face challenges that will teach us, strengthen us and in so doing will lead us closer to Him and help us understand His plan for our lives.


He doesn't give us challenges to produce PAIN, He allows challenges in our lives so that we will GAIN!



The Greek word for temptation can also mean testing. Challenges, hardship, confusion, struggles, etc. can come in many forms such as doubt, fear, anger, uncertainty, death, loss, etc. Anything that stretches us beyond our comfort- when we're comfortable, we tend to lose our faith and dependence on Him. Sometimes He may allow us to experience curve balls in life to remind us to be faithful in Him and not solely on ourselves.


3. WHEN:

Not IF...When is a PROMISE, a warning, something to be expected!



Provision. Victory. Rescue. A rope. A ladder. You will not be in this place forever. The struggle is only temporary! You will (with faith in Him) move past the present circumstances and with enlightenment and a broadened perspective.





As a PLATFORM, a step up, a mountain. By standing over it means that you're above it, you've overcome it, you've WON! And with this elevation, you'll see things from a different perspective. People will literally look up to you. You'll gain respect and can use your victory as a teaching opportunity, a testimony of strength. You can use this "stage" as a way of inspiring others!


For WHEN I am weak, THEN I am STRONG! - 2 Cor 12:10

Who in your world needs this word of encouragement today? Share if you care! 

Want to Learn More About the Bible: Resource 2

Did you enjoy the 4 Day Devo: "Where Does The Bible Come From?" 

Continue unpacking the history of the Bible by adventuring through "The First 5 Books of the Bible" (also referred to as The Torah) by searching for the plan in the YouVersion Bible App or online here: 


Take this 23 Day Journey! 

Bible X: The First Five Books of the Bible

Bible X: The First Five Books of the Bible

Stay tuned because I have a few other incredible resources that have deeply impacted me and my love for Scripture! 


What are your favorite bible study guides? Please share in the comments below!