25 Amazon Must-Haves: Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Amazon Must Have Items

Do you ever catch yourself browsing Amazon for interesting finds? I can’t tell you how many YouTube videos I’ve watched from different influencers about their favorite Amazon products. Though I gotta admit, I’m still an Amazon skeptic. Partly because I’ve made some crappy purchases in the past and also because one of my best friends worked on their customer service team for a few years and would tell me crazy stories.

I know I usually write about all things Kingdom, Jesus, and Church but today, I thought I would share a little something different. Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds!

Here is an updated list. Also check out my previous post from May 2018, “My Favorite Favorites

A tongue scraper? Really. Yup. Really. Why? Well one of my favorite Christ-loving fashionistas, Emily Maynard shared it on her bog post Queen of the Amazon and said, “You’ll never know you needed one until after you’ve used it.” And you know what, she’s right! Once you use it and see the gross gunky junk come off your tongue you’re addicted. It’s kinda like one of those weirdly wonderful sensations like cleaning your ears with a Q-Tip. For those of you that know…you know…for the critics that wanna judge….worry ‘bout ‘yoself! :)

For the longest time I just wasn’t sure if I could buy into all the hype about these blue light glasses. I was being inundated with ads on Instagram and they were tempting. I found some cute styles with not cute pricing…I mean they’re not prescription so I couldn’t justify dropping $60+ bucks on some vanity glasses that I’m not even sure are all that effective. So I came upon these cheapies and thought I’d give them a try. Honestly, I LOVE them. I wear them nearly every day. Great quality, super cute and yes, I think they do help. I haven’t had a computer headache in awhile!

Ummmm this thing is UH-mayZING! I think I had like 2 other stupid suction cup phone holders before this and they were awful! Now I can glance at my map, easily change my music and sometimes film a #CarChatsWithHeather Instagram Live video. Though some have reached out in love and expressed their concern…I just see it as you riding in the car with me! …Though I do appreciate the concerns and in response I HAVE cut down on my car chats!

Okay here’s another thingy jiggy I love and use nearly every day since 1996. JK. More like 2017, but you know! I often cradle my phone in it while it sits on my bathroom vanity so I can watch a sermon while I get ready. I also use it for filming IG lives and IGTV videos. It’s great to have sit on my desk as I’m working so that I can just glance over when an alert pops up without having to drop what I’m doing to see what’s up. UGH. Phones. Love them but man they really distract from our focus don’t they. Anyway, I like this one because it has an adjustable cradle. Many of the others I looked at didn’t have that hinge. This one is awesome and I want like 4 more to place around my workspaces!

Alright so I know I already shared this on my last Favorites Post…but I’m NOT kidding…I get asked all.the.time about my teeth. This is it, folks. I saw this recommended by a beauty YouTuber a few years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. No joke, I’ve had about 4 friends buy it and they all completely agree it works wonders. Cheap. Easy. 5 Minutes. I use it so infrequently now…like MAYBE once/month. As for sensitivity - I’ve been using it for about 4 years now and I’ve only experienced sensitivity a couple times. I just used some Sensodine toothpaste for a few days after that and I was fine.

My sweet friend, Amaris invited me to come along with her to Jordan Dooley’s Own Your Everyday Book signing at Changing Hands Bookstore on June 17, 2019 and it was SUCH a blessing! Jordan speaks and writes with such boldness, passion and a heart to encourage God’s daughters to become all they are created to be! This book is truly action-packed!

While at the lake a few weeks ago with my friend, Rachael I asked to borrow some lip balm. She gave me this and I instantly fell in love. The scent, texture and color were BEAUTIFUL. Came home the next day and got it off Amazon. It’s now in my purse at all times and I use it all the time!

I got a sample of this at Sephora awhile back and LOVED it. I think I’ve tried like 79 primers in my lifetime. Well maybe not that many, but close. Can you relate?! Well I can honestly say THIS is hands down my FAVE. Yes, even above Smashbox and Benefit Porefessional. Not really sure I can put into words as to why. It just is. Highly recommend!

My sweet dearest friend bought this on Amazon and had it sent to me. He swears by it. I was skeptical. Was a bit nervous to lay on these hard spikey things that looks like a torture mat….but can I just tell you…IT’S INCREDIBLE! Like seriously…I’ll lay on it when I get home from an intense day when my back is all knotted and tense and just pray or listen to the Bible App read me the Word. I love “soaking” on it. You know, those moments where you just shut out the world and go call a throne room meeting with Father God just to BE with Him…not begging or petitioning, just listening. Recharging. Just letting Holy Spirit minister to your heart. Stillness. Shalom. This mat really inspires deep relaxation and has done nothing but enhance my encounters with God. And if that sounds a little “too spiritual” for you…well, I pray that judgment turns to curiosity and you go soak in God’s love and then tell me if you feel differently. Okay that was a side tangent…not really having to do with this acupressure mat. But yeah, it’s awesome. I love it!

Sleep Master Sleep Mask
Sleep Master®

This purchase was inspired by Chalene Johnson . A few years ago I saw this listed on her favorite things list and bought it. Influencer marketing totally works, right?! I’m not really a light sleeper nor am I bothered by light but my brain just doesn’t do well shutting down at night. I’m most energized, motivated to create or write at night so shutting down can be a challenge. To beat what I like to call “excitement insomnia” I put a few relaxing and grounding essential oils in my diffuser and snuggle into this sleep mask. It’s SO comfy and really helps me get to sleep fast and have a better quality of sleep. I’ve used other chintzy sleep masks before…they don’t hold a candle to this one!

This wacky purchase was inspired by Heather Spivey, makeup artist to some of my favorite humans on the planet like Jenn Johnson, Christine Caine and Keri Jobe (among many others). A few years ago I saw her do a YouTube video using this at-home high frequency device and decided to give it a try. For years and years I suffered with chronic acne. While I believe there are many adjustments I made for healing, this was one of them. My favorite esthetician friend, Roxie agrees…this treatment device is magical…and for more reasons than just clearing up acne. I’m no expert on why it’s so great, but if you wanna hear from others who use and love it - check out these videos on YouTube!

Who knows about the absolute creme de la creme of dry texture sprays that is Oribe?! Many people got a full-size bottle in their FabFitFun box and instantly fell in love. Girl, I know! I discovered it many years ago when I worked at a super fancy salon in Scottsdale. But that $45 price tag? Uh, sorry…your girl’s on a budget. So I set out to find an alternative and THIS-IS-IT. The scent is just as fancy! The texture is light with just enough “grit” to keep a proper tease but with enough flexibility so that your hair moves while still looking full and beachy. It’s seriously perfect. Get 2 bottles. You’ll love it!

My Nana worked in dentistry for over 30 years. For the same doctor nearly all my life. When my mom was in for an appointment recently, Dr. Wood asked about me. (He’s known me since I was a toddler). Mom told him I recently had my 33rd birthday. He left the room and came back with this toothbrush and a tube of Opulescence Toothpaste as a birthday present to me. He told mom this toothbrush was like the most superior toothbrush on the market. “Hmmm okay we’ll see about that” I thought. Looked like a regular ‘ol toothbrush to me. Nope. I was wrong. He was right. Best toothbrushing experience I’ve ever had. Dense bristles yet soft and flexible. I LOVE it. Don’t see myself going back to regular toothbrushes and I’m no longer interested in that really fancy Quip Toothbrush I keep seeing advertisements for and walk by in Target and admire. Nah. I’m good. This is it for me.

This is my EVERY-DAY face! I love that Tarte is a “clean” makeup company. Every item I’ve ever purchased, I’ve absolutely LOVED. The pigment in this pallet is second to none. It’s definitely a flattering “natural” look that can be used every day, year-round!

Who else feels like they’ve tried nearly every mascara ever invented?! This has been my go-to mascara for YEARS! I’ve tried the fancy, expensive ones and I just end up always coming back to this.

I use this waterproof mascara for my bottom lashes every day. I suppose I have an oily under eye because regular mascara always seems to come off leaving me with those yucky black spider lines…this is my fix!

This is one of those “cult” favorites…but it’s too good so I’mma call it a “Kingdom” fave! If you have dry lips, this will instantly heal them. I know that’s a bold claim, but I mean it. It’s also good for cuticles and flyaways. I have one in my makeup bag and another in my purse at all times.

Alright this is my #1 go-to when I’m feelin’ sick. They call it natures antibiotic. The taste is potent and disgusting so I put 10 drops in a shot glass with organic orange juice as soon as I’m feelin’ a little under the weather and those twice/year allergy attacks. I haven’t had pharmaceutical antibiotics in over 2 years because this is my secret weapon. It’s an immediate immune booster. I recommend it to everyone I know when they’re sick!

Remember this from the ‘80’s? Yup. It still exists. I haven’t gotten my hair done in the salon in many years. I give myself a natural balayage look by selecting face framing strands, spraying and rubbing in with my fingers. I usually go sit outside for about 20 minutes or blast it with a hot blow dryer and that’s how I’ve achieved my highlights. Cheap + easy!

If you want to learn how to achieve a good balayage look with SunIn, just watch some YouTube videos! That’s what I did. :)

Depending on how dark your hair is when you use SunIn, you may experience an orangy, copper highlight color at first. Usually 2 days after I use SunIn, I’ll put a small amount of this purple shampoo on the highlighted pieces when it’s dry. I’ll leave it in for about 10-15 minutes before hoping in the shower to rinse it out. It’s helped me to achieve a really pretty highlight by taking out any brassy/copper coloring.

I’ve battled acne nearly all my life. It’s only been within the last 2 years where my skin has really transformed. I read all the blogs from Pinterest, spend a million dollars trying nearly every acne product on the market and had many visits with dermatologists over the years. Back in high school, they prescribed me Differin Gel and it was so aggressive. It dried me out, and made my skin red and peel. Fast forward to a few years ago when my esthetician friend explained that the pharma company that produced it years ago lost the patent and it’s now available over the counter. She told me that beyond it’s purpose to clear up acne, it’s the BEST retinol to use for anti aging and cell turn over. She encouraged me to purchase it and use it every day always to keep my skin looking radiant and young. I’ve been using it about 3 nights/week for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it. I recommend everyone use it too. Everyone will respond to it differently but I say give it a go and you’ll see for yourself how great it is!

I will admit, I’m a bit picky when it comes to my drinkware. I know, #firstworldproblems. All my life I’ve struggled with drinking enough water. I only like it on a ton of ice and with a straw. The problem I found is that most didn’t keep my ice long enough. I debated on whether to spend the extra $20 on the Yeti, afraid I would just be paying for the trendy name. So I bought the Atlin. I’ve had it for months, and though I do like that it came with the stainless steel straw, 2 lids and the removable handle, I find I’m still filling it with ice 3x/day. I definitely wish I would have just purchased the Yeti.

This schent is truly lovely! I’ve purchased a couple of the Heart and Hand Magnolia candles now and they’ve all been the best candles I’ve ever had. Yeah, even above Bath and Body Works!

Here’s another one of my secret weapons I’ve found for healing my chronic acne and keeping my skin clear and glowing. I mix this with matcha powder and apple cider vinegar about once per week. It hardens so fiercely it sometimes hurts. After removing my face is as red as a tomato for like 15 minutes….but I put some Vitamin E oil with 1 drop of Doterra Lavender and 1 drop of Frankincense before going to bed and I feel like it’s one of those items I must always have on hand. This tub is huge and I’ve had mine for probably 2+ years so it lasts forever. Best mask ever!

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What are your favorite amazon finds?