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Creatives Space for Creatives

Creative Space for Creatives

A look inside a creative mind —>
Is there enough natural light? 
Is there high energy allowed in the space?
Is it too cluttered or are there distractions that will take away from my creative flow? 
Is it a free open space for me to move around?
Can I be messy during my creative process?
These are just a few elements I sort through when in the creative zone. I’m a complete nut 🥜. Anyone relate?!
My office space was so uninviting for my creative flow. It was hard to focus and have freedom to flow in my nutty creative brain. So, I decided to creatively transform my workspace to inspire more creativity. It’s a creative work in process but I’m liking it. Feels SO good to know I’m right where God called me to be And doing just what God has called me to do...all while knowing, it’s just the beginning! Someday one day I’ll have a whole creative team with a massively inspiring creative space where all of us creative nuts can create creative creations for the glory of God! 😁






Are you a creative? What are some of your nutty yet necessary elements for your ideal workspace? Tell me in the comments!