Public Relations + Marketing: The Jesus Way

I’m doing it. Breaking alllll the modern marketing rules. Rebelling against analytics and returning to the simple methods of Jesus: “Come and see/Go and Tell”

He had quite the PR crew in His short 3-ish years on earth. Trained up teams of two and sent them out to pray for people and prepare the way for His arrival. Lives were impacted, people were waiting expectantly and they used word of mouth to share their #GloryStories with everyone they knew. Big crowds drew because it started with two just sharing! How cool is that?! So imma do the same. Come along with me on this awesome adventure and I just ask that if these messages impact you...then be a dear and SHARE it. 😊

It’s not about drawing attention to myself- I’m just a Kingdom-crazed girl that’s goin’ for it and attempting to model how exhilarating and simple this Christlike adventure is really like so that you get empowered to live out your faith boldly and publicly on these internet streets!

Oh and it’s way cool to see people connecting all over the world- I’ve got instaFRIENDS in Spain, Australia, and Fiji...comment what state or country you’re from!!






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