To the One Who Feels Called into the Ministry

Do you feel God is calling you into the ministry?

Which, by the way, is all of you who profess Jesus as your Savior and Lord! 🙌🏼 I have a simple message of encouragement as you are processing your big dreams, visions, and prophetic words about futuristic plans to be on that platform with a mic ministering to many.

Start with the one in front of you!

Ministry opportunities are endless every single day. Are you paying attention and making yourself available to be used by God in the simple daily interactions of your life? When you abide in Christ and are attune to Holy Spirit, you will see opportunities emerge constantly throughout your day.


Ponder for a moment about your day so far….

  • Who was the first person you saw after you woke up? Spouse? Kids? Roommate?

  • Did you walk by anyone on the way to your car?

  • Did you swing by Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee?

  • How many people have you seen in your classes, at work, at the splash pad as you watched your kids play?

  • Did you buy anything? Who was your cashier?

  • Did you go someplace for lunch? How many people did you have a conversation with?

  • How many people have you seen at work today?

  • How many times were you on the phone?

  • How many people did you double tap to like a photo on Instagram?

  • If you were to guess, how many people did you scroll through on Facebook?

  • Dinner - did you go anywhere? See anyone? Family?

How many total humans did you have more than a 3 second interaction with today do you think? 20? 50? 100 or more?

Every single one of those 3 second or more interactions are an opportunity to minister.

Now, I’m not suggesting you share your two minute testimony and lead them through “the sinner’s prayer”…. but I am suggesting you have more of a “platform” than you think…are you willing to slow down and minister to THE ONE in front of you? Even if no one sees it?

It’s those private moments of ministry with the people in your path that matter more than the lights, stage, mic and crowd.
— @heatherferroni

Ministry can simply start with:

  • Eye Contact - look up from your screen!

  • Use people’s names

  • Ask - “How is your day going?”

  • Bless - “I pray you have a blessed day!”

stop striving start serving

These (seemingly small) interactions can lead to really quality conversations. You don’t need a platform when you have endless opportunities all around you. My best advice is to stop striving and start serving. Know that God knows where to find you. He’ll call you up and onto a platform that’s built and anointed in His perfect timing. No need to strive, Dear One!

I’d like to offer you one last thought….

Why would God award you with a platform if you’re continually missing opportunities to minister to the people in front of you? The world is your stage. Embrace it. Steward it well. The Lord is with you!

Why would God trust you with a platform if you're missing opportunities to minister to the person in front of you

I’d love to partner with you in praise and celebrate with you as you minister TODAY to the one in front of you. Leave a comment or send me a DM and share your God encounters and how you were able to minister to someone today!

Oh, and before you swipe- would you share with a friend that needs this word of encouragement today?! Thanks, Darling! ♥️


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