#DailyDownload - Wed May 16, 2018

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Fighting Fatigue - A Morning Stroll

I woke up this morning feeling old and rusty...I've been fighting through pain and fatigue again. Most of it results from car accidents of the past and because I'm chronically magnesium deficient. In the past, these factors along with mismanaged stress have led to adrenal fatigue. I've learned to identify the early onset of these symptoms and make some modifications to my lifestyle. Small yet intentional changes make a world of difference - I've learned to limit my caffeine intake, use essential oils, take high-quality magnesium supplements as recommended from my naturopathic doctor, and to get up and out into the sunshine for some exercise and to soak up some good 'ol Vitamin D. 

It's starting to heat up above triple digits here in Phoenix, so I peeled myself out of my ridiculously comfortable Tuft and Needle bed, put on my tennies & running belt on and go out for a stroll. 

Ah! Ahhhhmazing! 


Praying Through Rejection: 

A couple weeks ago I interviewed to be a community manager for a gorgeous new apartment community close to my home. While I was waiting for the decision, I would take a walk a few evenings per week and literally pray over the property. Not just that God would award me with the job (His will is more important to me than mine), but over the land, the construction workers, the management company and even the future residents. Well, they decided to choose another candidate for the job. The rejection email stung, ya know? I'd gone on multiple interviews and received incredible feedback and yet I seem to be met with rejection letters. It's been another layer of testing my faith, because so far this year, it seems the theme for me has been navigating rejection. I've actually encountered a lot of it. And although it's been hard, it's been WONDERFUL! I'm savoring this deeper intimacy with God, allowing Him to minister to my heart, uproot the weeds, and show me even more who I am in Him and the purposes and plans He designed me for. 

Check out this lil Instagram Live video for a word of encouragement if you too are navigating a season of rejection; praying and believing for breakthrough. 


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