Best Christian Relationship Books for Single Women

Best Christian Relationship Books for Singles

Alright Single Sisters…here it is…12 of my favorite book recommendations for relationships. These are all books I personally own and love. They’ve all deposited in me such encouragement, wisdom, revelation and preparation. Have a look!

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Okay listen up…this book is HAAAAAAAAAAANDS DOOOOOOOOOOOWN my FAVORITE book about women, femininity, why we do what we do, our intrinsic nature designed intentionally by God, the common spiritual struggles all women face and a spot-on explanation of our greatest soul desires. I’ve recommended it to countless women and I can confidently promise you that of them that has purchased it has come back and had incredible things to say about how God used it to impact them.


Wild at Heart is like the Y chromosome to the X of Captivating. After you’ve embraced a greater level of revelation and understanding about how God made you, it’s time you journey through the intrinsic motivations of a man, what makes him tick, how God wired him, how you can partner with God to be the suitable helpmeet you were designed to be. This is NOT a secular manual or generalization about men…this is simplistically simple and a MUST read for BOTH men and women!

Check on Amazon because there’s a dual copy of Captivating AND Wild at Heart in one and it’s GOLD!

If I could buy a copy and hand this out to every human on planet earth, I would. Seriously. No it’s not better than the Bible so don’t read what I didn’t write….but this book…yeah…incredible.

It’s not about dating or marriage…it’s about relational connectivity. It will enhance how you communicate, address issues, establish and maintain healthy boundaries in an honoring way. It’s about human connection and communication from a very Kingdom perspective.

If you don’t know of Danny Silk, may I suggest you visit his website, Loving on Purpose and/or. at the very lease, type his name in a YouTube search because he’s truly one of the most anointed Godly counselors of our generation.

This book is amazing because it includes journaling space and a study guide to really help you not just receive information and good ideas but practical application and transformation!

A woman has a depth of soul that requires an intimate friendship, apart from anything physical, with the man she loves. She desires to be known for the woman she is, not just for her physical body.
— Lady in Waiting (Page 83)
Don’t look back one day and regret that you made your “life mate” choice from a limited perspective because you longed for the security of a relationship. God can and will give you His best if you wait for it.
— Lady in Waiting (Page 95)
Direct your energies to obedience, not to nailing the man. God has His own methods of getting you two together. He doesn’t need any help or advice from you.
— Lady in Waiting (Page 99)

Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are
By Robin Jones Gunn, Alyssa Joy Bethke

This book was a recommendation from one of my very best friends, Noelle several years ago.

I honestly don’t remember much about this book other than it was coauthored and really told personal stories of relationships. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like learning from others’ journey. This book is just that - a sort of helpful memoire that will provoke you to see into real-life stories and glean wisdom from them.

Just after my radical Holy Spirit encounter on 11.2.14, I picked up this read. It was just what I needed to encourage my new commitment to purity and establishing my value again after I had given myself away.

We all need to learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, right?!

You should have an absolutely zero tolerance policy when it comes to deception.
— Boundaries in Dating (Page 45)
Instead of blaming your dating problems on the people you date, you need to become very curious and active in figuring out what your past dating approaches have been.
— Boundaries in Dating (Page 79)
Common interests help you determine how you spend your time. Common goals determine how you spend your life.
— Boundaries in Dating (Page 97)
Guard your heart and make it healthy so you will not be attracted to the wrong kinds of people
— Boundaries in Dating (Page 115)

The innate desire to lead should never be squelched in any man. It should be celebrated and refined
— In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man (Page 31)
Your husband or wife will either propel you toward or hold you back from your ultimate destiny
— In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man (Page 36)
There is a time when a woman must be willing to fight WITH her man. There is a time when a man must let her.
— In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man (Page 42)
She should never have to wonder what his intentions are toward her.
— In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man (Page 86)

Some key chapter titles:

  • The Three Things Every Man Needs: Support, Loyalty and the Cookie

  • Sports Fish vs. Keepers: How Man Distinguish Between the Marrying Types and the Playthings

  • The Five Questions Every Woman Should Ask Before She Gets in Too Deep

  • Strong, Independent - and Lonely - Women

You’ve probably heard of The Five Love Languages…this one is geared toward singles and how to navigate love languages when dating. Personally I think this is a brilliant and much needed conversation to consider. Far too often we find ourselves filling love tanks in ways that are meant to be shared in sacred marriage. How can we find ways to give and receive love in a way that’s honoring to the dating relationship? This book will help walk you through that!

I caught an episode of Oprah with Dr. Robin Smith many years ago and went straight to Barnes and Noble. (LIterally it was so long ago, it was before Amazon existed if you can imagine!) I’ve referred to this book on countless occasions over the years. It’s great to read BEFORE you say “I do” and it’s also great afterward too!

I picked this up years ago and somewhere along my life journey I have misplaced it….ah, who am I kidding…I probably loaned it to a friend. And if I still had it, I’d loan it to you!

You might want to get a little preview by checking out some YouTube Videos:

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What are your favorite relationship books?