Who Even Reads Blogs?!

Is Blogging Worth My Time?

So yesterday I spent some time going through all of my blogs. I counted 103 publish blogs right here on HeatherFerroni.com! Wow! And that’s only since 2017!

The truth is I have been blogging since I was 15 years old. That 18 years! 18 years! That’s over half of my life. I have written on all kinds of different platforms like Blogger and as a contributing author for other publications like TBL Faith News. I love writing because to me is therapeutic and a way for me to express my creative gifts and love for our father. Though when I look back over 18 years and the thousands upon thousands of hours of writing, editing, and preparing in prayer - giving my very best, it seems as though the return on investment is quite low.

Many beauty bloggers nowadays are making a killing off of becoming a “influencer“ and recommending all of their favorite clothes and beauty products for other people to buy. I have no desire to sell other people’s crap most people don’t even really need. And I certainly don’t wanna come across like I’m selling the cause of Christ. But to me, being an influencer means more than drawing attention to myself and getting you to like how cool and popular I am but rather there’s a calling, a burning urgency, an incessant drive to share the cause of Christ…and He’s someone we ALL NEED! Amen?!

Last summer my stepdad and I were having a business chat and he asked some very valid questions. He said: “Heather how many blogs do you read on a consistent basis?” Well, I thought about it and really the only blogs I read are just things that I happened to stumble across as I’m searching for things on the Internet. But I can’t say that I have a consistent readership over any one particular blog.

Then he asked, “Heather, how many blogs have you read that have helped transform your life that you have circulated and recommended to hundreds of your friends?” After thinking about it I realized, probably none. He was getting me thinking. He went on, “Books are what circulate and transform.” He asked, “How much longer are you going to identify yourself as a blogger?" It’s time to level up. Your work is worthy of wages.” He encouraged me to take the next step in my writing journal and break the addiction to the instant satisfaction of producing and publishing a blog post but to focus my energy effort gifts and attention into producing content that can transform and circulate in the form of a book.

He’s right. I know it. And I have started my book, Breaking and Remaking. But I am waiting for God to give me the green light clearance in order to produce it. And I just don’t know when that’s going to be. And I have to learn to be OK with that. In the meantime writing is a part of how I show up and serve God and His people. I am, however re-strategizing on how I can do that in a more effective way.

And so if you’re reading this, I would like to hear from you:

  • What is it that you enjoy about my blog?

  • Is there a favorite blog of mine that you have enjoyed the most?

  • In what ways may I better serve you in the form of this blog?

  • What topics, issues, questions, hangups, and pain points are you experiencing that I can lend some language to?

This used to be more of a journal format. But I’m transitioning into a way to better serve you. And the best way that I can do that effectively, is for me to hear your heart. Beyond that, I know deep down…”It’s Not About Me” and I’m being severely stretched to “think outside the box” and re-emerge the deep-seeded vision I got the morning after my 11.2.14 encounter.

Friends, I would appreciate your prayers and your honest feedback. It’s time to #LEVELUP and your support truly does mean the world to me!


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