Can I Just Be Nameless?

I’ve Never Wanted to be More Nameless 

Can I just be nameless? - Blog

The morning after my radical Holy Spirit encounter on 11•2•14 I asked the Lord how He wanted me to serve Him...He said to use the gift of writing He’s given me to blog about my faith journey. I obeyed. I started The in January 2017 He urged me to launch my website [I explained my heart pretty candidly in…Really?!] Though I didn’t want to, I did. I never wanted the message to be around me, the messenger. But I felt Holy Spirit encourage me by saying “Heather, people have whole books of the Bible titled after their name. How do you think they feel? I’ve given you your name as an identifier, use it.” So I have.

Over the course of the last few years as He’s shaped my identity, I’ve come to realize I have a multifaceted calling. I don’t have a “niche” or a “target audience”. Lately I’ve been thinking, neither did Jesus. And we’re called to be like Him. It’s His message that matters. I don’t care to market myself, He’s marked me. He has and continues to stretch me and mold me and He has full editing rights to use me however He wants. It’s been an amazing and wild ride as I reflect on all the different ways I’ve been entrusted to build His Kingdom. And it’s only just the beginning. I’m in no hurry to get anywhere, not kicking down doors, not striving to network myself for the sake of popularity. I truly just enjoy meeting new people and having quality Kingdom conversations. I’ve learned to love all the different expressions, sounds and styles of His church. I see no superiority yet a lot of conformity. In any case I’m just learning to work with what He’s put in my hands the best that I can. Doesn’t mean I always “get it right” I’m learning; it’s a process. Some champion me, others criticize me. I press on toward the mark for the prize that is already mine. [Phil 3:14]
My encouragement to you, friend, is to stay in a state of surrender in your servanthood. Be willing to switch gears as He leads. Some people are content with comfort zones others of us embrace change. Just stay in your lane and champion others in theirs. After all, we are all ONE BODY with many members & we don’t all serve the same function. [Romans 12:4] It’s all about The Message [of Jesus] not any one messenger.






What has God been urging you to do to serve Him this year? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!