3 Major Ways God Is Moving in the Marketplace, Music Industry & The Hearts of Men - Prophetic Vision

3 Major Ways God is Moving in the Marketplace, Music Industry & in the Hearts of Men


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While in deep worship the other day, I received vivid prophetic vision regarding 3 main ways Holy Spirit is on the move! Let's celebrate! 


For those with the gift of prayer and intercession, this may just bring language to what you've already been sensing. For others that are still learning to incline their ear to the Lord, this news is an invitation to pray and believe, ignite your expectation and celebrate in advance for all that God is doing! Hallelujah! 

Holy Spirit is grieving in some ways because He's been rejected, neglected, forgotten or set as second fiddle. He's wanting to reclaim His leadership in The Church. He does so by transforming people's hearts, giving them new vision, guidance, insight to the things of Heaven. But His work is not limited to church buildings. He showed me in this vision He's invading hearts and we will see that manifest in 3 major ways: 

1. In the Marketplace

I heard in my spirit over and over, as real as an audible sound of paper ripping. The Lord showed me He is invading hearts of business owners, CEO's, and high-level leaders of big organizations, both in secular spheres and religous. He is coming upon them mightily and convicting their hearts. They will walk into board meetings, staff meetings and rip plans apart and throw them away. I saw papers being swept off desks and conference room tables into the trash. These leaders will approach their teams and declare that God has grabbed ahold of their hearts and things are about to change - organizational structures, missions and values, plans and projects...from top to bottom, left to right, everything is changing! 

If this happens in your world, don't worry or freak out. Trust that God is on the move and this is for His glory! Hallelujah! 


2. Music & Entertainment

Though I personally know nothing about music and production, the Lord showed me He's giving a new heart to music producers all over the world. In an instant, He will gain their hearts and attention leading them to be convicted to walk into music studios and immediately resign. They'll confess they've been convicted by God and can no longer produce music that is dishonoring God. They'll boldly face any lawsuits or financial recompense for leaving songs undone and albums unfinished. They will begin to use their same gift, passion, talent and skill to align with Holy Spirit to produce content that is God-glorifying. 

I also saw entertainers being radically transformed by God's grace. They will make bold changes to their set list, stage design and wardrobe choices. 

Keep watch...you should expect to see these changes hit the media! It won't be a secret. This is a word of the Lord, and it will not come up dry. Hallelujah! 


3. Holy Spirit is touching the hearts of men and reinstituting God-given masculinity.

In the vision I saw Holy Spirit coming upon the hearts of men all over the world. He will convict (enable them to see into their error & empower them to change) them to submit their flesh and desires to God. Single men that have been sexually irresponsible with their girlfriends will repent and approach them asking for forgiveness and take a stand for sexual purity. They will confess they have been sexually irresponsible and harmful to God's daughters and will no longer partake in premarital sex in order to glorify God.

Men that have struggled with other sexual impurities, such as addiction to pornography will confess, repent and be set free by the masses. For those that have been involved in affairs will also cease and desist their activities and humbly approach all that have been wounded and they will commit to the healing and restoration process! 

So if you've been praying for your husband, boyfriend, son, or grandson or you know someone that is...stand on this truth and praise God for all He's doing! 

Have you been praying about these topics? Do you have a praise to share! Let's confirm the word in the comments below. and, as always, I'm always just a message away!