Soul Care

2 years ago my life took a wild turn. I was planning on joining my life with 4 others- as a wife and “bonus mom” of 3 girls which also was to include a cross-country move. After an intense week of prayer and fasting the Lord spoke clearly: “The spirits that are on him are trying to kill the Spirit that is in you!” 😳 I couldn’t unhear that. The next morning, it was over. How many of you know that what’s right isn’t always easy? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ⠀
It took several months of #SoulCare & #SpiritRecovery. ⠀


Spirit Wars

During that process, I took an online eCourse, #SpiritWars by @kvministries and it gave me wisdom and insight into how God has made us. The reality that we’re “Tri-polar” beings: Body, Soul & Spirit. And we must keep all healthily calibrated for truepeace and harmony. ⠀

This book is great, trust that. But I truly recommend you drop a bit of $ an invest in the eCourse. Why? Because you'll have access to video teaching, activations, and a digital workbook that will enable you to dig through your limiting beliefs and explore the scriptures for truth. I have and will continue to recommend this course to everyone. We're in a war, friends, and ignorance is not bliss, friends of God! 



The Year of Acceleration Comes at a Cost!

When the Lord spoke to me at the turn of this year and said it was #TheYearOfAcceleration, I was psyched! Little did I know that meant getting my butt kicked {Body, Soul & Spirit} 🤣 It’s been an intensive season! I’ve experienced death, loss, financial hardship, petty drama, anxiety, discouragement, depression, transition, SO much insecurity and confusion. And man, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve made all kinds of mistakes! 

I’ve really been laying low, refocusing, letting the Lord and my wise and trusted counselors minister to me. I’ve completely cut my schedule back and have been striving to recalibrate my body by exercise & nutrition. My prayers have intensified, my time is intentionally shared, and it’s been really great taking a break and enjoying time with my small but significant inner circle of friends. ⠀

So here’s my encouragement: DO YOU, BOO!

No one will care for you as you care for you. Slow down. Relax. Breathe. Let other people step up and fill gaps. They’ll figure it out. Learn to say “No thank you”, learn to break up with drama, rebuke the assaults, pray for those that hurt you, forgive, clean your heart out, do a Sozo session, pray incessantly, praise boldly, get some rest, eat quality food, move your body, drink some water, slather on some essential oils- do whatever you gotta do, just TAKE CARE OF YOU! You ARE worth dying for, Jesus proved that! Love & be-loved. #Beloved


What is ONE thing you can do today that can better take care of your soul? Have you ever experienced a season of intense spiritual warfare? Tell us about it in the comments below!