There Is More

It's been one blessed week since this book was released in America! If you haven't gotten your copy yet, whatcha waiting for?! 

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You'll want to get this into the hands of your friends and family! Buy some extra copies!

By Heather Ferroni on March 23, 2018

I have been so encouraged by Pastor Brian's personal stories of victory and triumph in this book. This book has been such an infusion of encouragement. It's like a triple shot of espresso to your spirit! Seriously. I'd recommend reading this book in the morning because reading it at night may just keep you awake with excitement! I love how this book was written with an authentic tone of humility with JESUS at the core. It's not a how-to guide on life or a brag about what Hillsong Church has become, but it's an empowering book written to the Body of Christ to embrace the truth that it is Christ's work in us that we are able to accomplish exceedingly, abundantly above what we ourselves could ever think or dream. Whatever season you are in, you will be encouraged through these pages. Take my advice, you'll want to get this in the hands of your friends. Buy some extra copies!

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