What's in a Name?


Who is Hadassah? Anyone know?

Hadassah is Queen Esther's original Jewish name and it means "myrtle". Looked it up. Myrtle is a plant, a shrub that produces star-shaped flowers and blackberry-like fruits. Did some research to find it has many medicinal benefits including essential oil (which always signifies anointing in the Bible) and was used in Jewish rituals like the Feast of the Tabernacles.

Esther means "star"....do you see the connection? Hadassah became known as Esther and was highly anointed to bring healing to the threat of Jewish annihilation of her time.

Heather is also a low-growing (short girl reference, ha!) shrub which also produces purple/white flowers and works well as both an antiseptic and detoxifier. LOL. (I'll gladly take that anointing)

Ha! God is so cool! I love when Holy Spirit takes me on a discovery journey like this one to discover deeper truths and spiritual significance that lies below the surface. #NerdoftheWord

Names are prophetic declarations. Just as bad names can hold people in bondage and lead them into destruction, great names can release power into our lives and bring us into our God-given destinies. 

We must break free from all aliases that we have been given by the world.
— Kris Vallotton, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty (Page 65)

What does your name mean? Tell me in the comments below!