I still can't believe I've done it.

Created a webspace with my name on it? It's been a project I've been resisting for a number of years. Why?

1. I could care less about self promotion.

In 2014 I launched RaisedtoLife.com where I began blogging about my journey through healing from dysfunctional relationships, sharing my story, and revealing His glory through my story. I began to get some recognition from ministry leaders in different parts of the country who had come upon my writing and YouTube videos. I found myself having discussions about platforms, opportunities to write, travel and speak. But something didn't settle right in my spirit. 

It’s better to be MARKED by God than MARKETED by man.
— Christine Caine

When I heard that, I felt the confirmation that I needed to say "Thank you for the opportunity, but now is not my time." I knew God had more to work out in me. I knew I was in a season of being Rooted, as God was tending the soil of my soul, excavating the rocks and blockages, fertilizing me and tilling me in the dark and hidden places...I grew my roots down deep, planted myself in my local church and joyfully served behind the scenes. In this season, God spoke clearly to me, "Heather, I am going to write a lot through you. But you are not authorized to produce it until I say it's time." {Well alright then!} I trusted God and obeyed. In 2016 I wrote over 100 pieces of work while in prayer and heart recovery.

2. It's not about me.

I used to strive for attention, acceptance and affirmation. But the closer I walk with the Lord, the more He lovingly gives me "soul checks." He used a faithful messenger to grab ahold of my heart one night. In a message titled, “Anointing vs. Gifting” from Christine Caine at WorshipU On Campus she pointed out,  

If the spotlight that is on you is brighter than the light that is within you, then the light that is on you will destroy you.
— Christine Caine


At that moment I laid it all down at the altar and vowed to bring more fame to His name than my own. Now, I could care less about bringing attention to myself. But then I became uncomfortable with the thought of one day been well known...because I care more about being KNOWN WELL. I don't want "fans" I want genuine FRIENDS!  I value true connection over popularity. However, I realize that God works through us as a continuation of the gospels and if given the chance to interview any one of the people of the Bible whose book is named in their honor, I'm sure they too would agree, it was never about them. 

3. What's in a name?

In 2016 as I was planning to be married, I experienced a crazy internal shift. I realized that once married, I'd take on a new surname. That would mean that the Heather Ferroni as I've always been known would take on a new facet of identity. It was wild to think that (Lord willing) more years would be spent under a new name than the years spent under the one I was born with. The world would no longer know me as Heather Ferroni.

{Interestingly enough, he (the man I thought I was going to marry) purchased a domain with my married name. When we spoke of it, he made it clear my writing would need to be filtered and approved of because he was fearful I would "expose" things he didn't want the world to know. Even as we were breaking up, he angrily spewed, "Go ahead and write your CrAzY blog about me." Just so we're clear, I have no intention of using this space to throw shade...I obediently kept quiet as I allowed God to heal my heart. I refrained from writing about my experience because I didn't want to write out of my feelings. But because I am MORE than a conqueror, I will not let that soul wrenching experience go to waste. There's more to share in this department but I do so with facts. And the FACT is, there are FAR TOO MANY WOMEN who are currently or have been manipulated, deceived, abused and misused and so long as I have air in my lungs, I will use the voice I've been given to help bring healing and restoration to God's beautiful, beloved daughters. What happened was real. I am NOT a victim, I am a VICTOR through Jesus...and so are YOU!}

When that relationship fell apart, it took me months to shift back into embracing my reality. I had assumed the role (of wife and bonus mom) before taking the title and I was so spun out that it didn't work out. 

I am sharing this because it’s an important part of my story and what led me here.

So by choosing to surrender to God's plan, embracing where He has me right now, today with the name that I have, here is HeatherFerroni.com. It's a work in progress, just like me. But if my life story brings Him glory, I say "Yes and Amen" to His purpose and plan for my life. I'm honored that you are choosing to spend your precious, irrevocable time to be a witness and my hope is that you'll encounter the Lord in deep and profound ways and that my Holy Spirit will use my words to activate life, hope, and love in your spirit! 

What’s your creative outlet? Please share in the comments below!