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Hey Beloved,

I’m Heather! And I’m so honored that you’re here! Most people describe themselves by the titles they hold and the roles they play. I guess you could say I’m a bit out of the box in that way. Firstly, I wholeheartedly believe our identity comes from Christ alone. For most of my life, I became obsessive and emotionally tied to the titles I held…and then when those titles and roles changed, I suffered with a bit of identity crisis. In this season, I’m just embracing my identity as “Beloved” and learning how to be a willing, obedient servant-daughter of God. I want to BE whatever He needs me to be, GO wherever he calls me to go and DO the work of the ministry in whichever way will honor and serve Him and others.

I’m most fascinated with the human experience - why we do what we do, why we believe what we believe. It’s my honor to coach women to embrace their new identity in Christ, experience freedom, peace and joy through vibrant relationships and running wild in their unique lane of purpose and passion! I’m thankful I get to share our Father’s heart through passionate preaching and teaching on by blog and YouTube channel. And I love to share all the resources that I find helpful in my own personal journey.



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Faith Coach

What does that mean?! Well, I work with the Holy Spirit to help my clients align with the TRUTH of who they are in Christ.

I’m passionate about Jesus. I’m passionate about helping people to come to understand Who He {REALLY} is, what He’s done and what He’s doing. I’m passionate about bringing people to the feet of Jesus to receive healing - to reverse the assaults against their identity, undo the damage of religious wounding, untangle the mess the enemy has tried to create and reconstruct it into a beautiful message!

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