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Be who God called you to be. Go where God calls you to go. Do what God called you to do.
— Heather Ferroni
Heather Ferroni Kingdom Connector


I connect people with Jesus + His Church

Heather Ferroni Christian Life Coach


I coach people in their faith

Heather Ferroni Bible Communicator


I share the greatest love story ever told!

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Faith Coach

What does that mean?! Well, I work with the Holy Spirit to help my clients align with the TRUTH of who they are in Christ.

I’m passionate about Jesus. I’m passionate about helping people to come to understand Who He {REALLY} is, what He’s done and what He’s doing. I’m passionate about bringing people to the feet of Jesus to receive healing - to reverse the assaults against their identity, undo the damage of religious wounding, untangle the mess the enemy has tried to create and reconstruct it into a beautiful message!

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