In all honesty, the vastness of the vision God has given me for this ministry is truly so overwhelmingly intimidating, it humbles me, excites me and terrifies me. Why He would choose ME to play any part in the building of His Kingdom on Earth is truly beyond me!

I'm learning to embrace the apostolic and prophetic gifting in my life and with that, I'm in a constant state of receiving and recording. I have countless journals, scribbles, and notes with divine downloads. 



Who we aim to reach

  • The religiously wounded
  • The misinformed
  • The wounded
  • The sick
  • The poor in spirit
  • The sideline sleepy Christians

But if I were to sum it up into a few words, here they are:

  • I see women embracing their identity in God without fear, shame or limitation.
  • I see women leaning in to hear, see, sense and feel the indwelling presence of the Lord.
  • I see women operating with strength and courage, praying with boldness and shameless audacity and proclaiming victory in all facets of life. 
  • I see a unified church operating gracefully because the body is embracing the unique beauty of God's creation that spans across gender, race, age, personal preference, styles and doctrine. 
  • I see a culture that is wide-eyed in wonder that dances in the mystery of miracles, signs and wonders from God. 
  • I see holiness becoming a greater goal than happiness.
  • I see soldiers turning into warriors, stepping up and stepping in to contribute to the cause;  no longer being content being containers but rather conduits of the work of the Lord. 
  • I see God's people living in the freedom they've been gifted by Jesus; untamed and unashamed.
  • I see great ministries both "small" and "large" - all significant- by a simple surrendered "yes".
  • I see The Church as a training ground and deployment center equipping and sending Kingdom influencers into all major spheres of life.
To see lives transformed by a radical love encounter with Jesus to be change-agents on earth as it is in Heaven.

Would you like to volunteer with us? 


Let's partner together with Jesus to increase Kingdom impact!  


To align with the heart of our Father God, commissioned with Christ Jesus and guided by Holy Spirit, we seek to align with heaven to ignite true and lasting transformation in the hearts of His beloved Daughters. We then coach and support women to embrace their new identity in Christ and carry out their personal, unique and beautiful purpose on earth. We break chains of perceived limitations, declare freedom from past hurts, and walk in the fullness and authority given to us for the glory of God. 

Empowering women to embrace their identity in Christ so that they can experience life abundantly


  • We are committed to sharing the redeeming love of Jesus with our readers.
  • We are committed to being forever disciples of God’s truth.
  • We are committed to growing and adapting to the needs of this ministry
  • We are committed to allowing God to move and will joyfully follow His leadership.
  • We are committed to keeping the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) as the leading guide of this ministry.
  • We are committed to providing practical tools and resources to assist God’s children in developing a healthy relationship with God at the center.


  • We value the love and redemption of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • We value the guidance of Holy Spirit
  • We value the Word of God
  • We value honesty, transparency and vulnerability
  • We value client confidentiality 
  • We value characteristics of Kingdom Culture
  • We value collective encouragement
  • We value grace, mercy and forgiveness
  • We value authenticity 
  • We value healthy communication