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A21 Walk for Freedom

Hi Friends,

Recently, I found out that there are millions of slaves in the world today and only 1% of victims are ever rescued. I realized that I am not okay with that so I am participating in the 2017 Walk For Freedom. The statistics are daunting and heavy, but change is possible. Every number represents a human life, and every rescue brings us closer to being the last generation sold.

A21 exists to end slavery and I am joining them on October 14th to Walk For Freedom. I am inviting you to participate in 2 ways:

1) Walk with Us!

A21 walks are happening on the same day in EVERY state and all across the world. If you're in the Phoenix area, join Team UNSTOPPABLE AZ by clicking here

If you're in another state or country...find a walk in your area and grab some friends to join. I promise it'll be a life-changing day! 


2) Help Us Fundraise

Our goal is to raise awareness and $500 for A21 Walk for Freedom because we know every dollar affects a life. All proceeds go to the work that A21 is doing around the world, visit A21 - Where We Work.


Every life matters. Together, we will abolish slavery with each step.


From the 2016 A21 #WalkForFreedom

Join our Team: Unstoppable AZ


Hear my heart after my first A21 #WalkForFreedom in 2015