Heather Ferroni Christian Life Coach

Hey, Sis...

I hear your heart. It's beating strongly to the tune of a life full of demands and to-do's. I hear your feet pitter pattering on the ground rushing from one thing to the next and you're doing a great job making a dance out of it. You walk with purpose and authority knowing there's a great destiny on your life and your greatest desire is to serve your Father well, eager to hear, "Well done by good and faithful daughter" when you walk past the pearly gates along the path of Gold toward your heavenly throne. 

But right now, on this side of heaven, you struggle sometimes. Sometimes you're burdened by the spirit of fear,  or maybe the chains of the past seem to be holding you back. Perhaps you've been wounded by religion or processing transition or tragedy.  Sometimes it feels like God is far away and you wonder how you can regain the strength to get through the ever changing seasons and the incessant warfare that we're in. You deeply desire to live free, bold, confident. You want to arise every day and live in the fullness of your purpose. You desire a life of intentionality and balance, with strong relationships and a ton of laughter....

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
— Jesus (John 10:10)

I've been there...

  • Heartbroken after the loss of relationships

  • Exhausted, battling health issues caused from chronic stress

  • Burned out from doing too much and not taking good care of my own body, soul and spirit

  • Spinning in the tornado of transition trying to regain my footing

  • Leading groups of women through life yet looking around and not having someone that was pushing me, guiding me, encouraging me to live beyond my comfort, guiding me through my own process. It was lonely.

“I would recommend Heather as a faith coach because she has had ups and downs and understands the feelings people often struggle within their faith walks.”
— Mollie Bartholomew


Freedom, peace, joy is available to you now - this side of heaven - because that is the Father's will for you!

I’m a bridge-builder under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with a prophetic gift to uplift, encourage and edify.

I coach women of all ages and stages of life, to draw in close to the heart of God. It is by the love of our Father, the gift of grace from Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that you can and will learn to walk in the fullness of your new identity with boldness, confidence and power regardless of pains of the past, circumstances of the present or warfare in the future. 

  • Find your passion

  • Navigate Life Transitions with Peace

  • Gain & Maintain Confidence

  • Become an Exceptional Leader

  • (RE)define Success

  • Conquer Limiting Beliefs & Fears

  • Goal Mapping

  • Find Balance

  • Improve Relationships

  • Corporate/Business Goal Setting

  • Enhance Your Vision for the Future

  • Declare Your Life Mission

  • Discover Your Gifts & Exercise Your Strengths

  • Communicate Effectively

  • Practice Optimal Health/Wellness/Fitness

  • Break the Chains of Your Past

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