Mollie B

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I would recommend Heather as a faith coach because she has had ups and downs and understands the feelings people often struggle within their faith walks.”

— Mollie B.

I have known Heather since I moved to Arizona summer of 2015. From the moment I met her I could feel her warmth, compassion for others, and sense her peaceful presence. It was instantly clear God has a call on her life to minister and love on others. 

I see her strengths in the areas of organization, leadership, vision casting, encouragement, wisdom (way beyond her years), patience, and investment in others. I see her choosing to invest everything God has given her into others. She is led by The Spirit and walks in union with her Heavenly Father, so well.  She is open, honest and truly authentic; allowing others to be vulnerable and real with her about their struggles.  She can create a space for someone to feel known and loved no matter their background of circumstances. 

I believe she brings the value of authentic and practical responses to her coaching and communicating. She brings Godly wisdom on a level where she speaks directly to her audience. She doesn't cater truth to the person, but caters delivery of the truth based on the persons needs at the time. She is aware of their fragility or strength in a way that is heavenly gifted, not taught. She loves to follow up and see how the wisdom has been applied and alter plans according to the growth of a person.

I believe Heather would be an outstanding speaker, b/c of her authentic stories of God showing up in her life. She is relatable, funny, charming, and filled with truth. She carries the message of hope for all and can connect the biblical foundations to what we carry into the world.  

I would recommend Heather as a faith coach, because she has had ups and downs and understands the feelings people often struggle with in their faith walks. She has walked through them and is a stronger person on the other side and has gained much wisdom that when shared will be so effective in encouragement and growth. 

-Mollie Bartholomew, Travel Agent with Blue Bike Travel