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Wondering What the MORE is in "There is More?"

Wondering What the MORE is in "There is More?"

Many people are feeling a subtle yet deep dissatisfaction in their spirits and questioning what the “MORE” is in “There is MORE”. This global prophetic offering is circulating the globe and is calling the Body of Christ out of comfort and convenience into complete alignment with God. This is an exciting time of prayer and fasting as we look inwardly and ask God to reveal to us how we can partner with Him to bring His glory to the earth for generations to come!

Imminent & Eminent


{Inspired by the Holy Spirit on 3/16/16}

The Holy Spirit sure wanted my attention last night. He woke me up many times with His Divine call. Isn’t it funny how God works? It makes me laugh at how He operates outside our time. I heard it said that God likes to speak when we’re at rest because He can finally grab ahold of our minds without distraction. I find the Lord speaks to me frequently when I’m at a place of rest and sometimes His downloads don’t seem to make a lot of sense as they’re fragmented. But it’s in those times when He delivers a Word (rhema) or vision because He wants for us to dive in and explore further because there’s a journey He desires to take us on.
How dare we not delve in further to uncover and discover what He wants to show us?

Here is my attempt to do just that:

I currently find myself in the middle of a battle. Due to a crazy and unexpected turn of events, I find myself under opposition and it feels as though my heart is being assaulted. It's an intense season of spiritual warfare and I'm being tested with how I respond to it. In the middle of the night, I was awoken with an incessant word on repeat in my heart. Over and over and over. Like a broken record. It was a word I'm not incredibly familiar with. 

Does this ever happen to you?! You get a word...literally A word and it just repeats in your spirit over and over until you Google it or ask God to show you what the heck He's trying to communicate?!

This particular morning, the word was IMMINENT

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.00.36 PM.png


  1. about to happen: "they were in imminent danger of being swept away"
  2. archaic


Synonyms: impending, close (at hand), near, (fast) approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, just around the corner, coming down the pike, expected, anticipated, brewing, looming, threatening, menacing; informal in the cards.



Then I was led to EMINENT

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.01.27 PM.png

adjective: eminent

(of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere or profession: "one of the world's most eminent statisticians"

Synonyms: illustrious, distinguished, renowned, esteemed, preeminent, notable, noteworthy, great, prestigious, important, influential, affluential, outstanding, noted, of note; famous, celebrated, prominent, well known, lionized, acclaimed, exalted, revered, august, venerable. 


Okay so what's the message?!

When you feel like you’re in imminent danger of being swept away by the enemy or his demonic spirits, hold strong to the truth that the world’s eminent Savior is already at work along with the Angel Armies to guard and protect you. The Eminent One will squash the plots, plans, attacks and schemes of the imminent danger and will save you. 

0o0o0o0o Did you catch that!? 


  • No weapon formed against you shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17)
  • You've gotten a reputation as a bad-news people, you people of Judah and Israel, but I'm coming to save you. From now on, you're the good-news people. Don't be afraid. Keep a firm grip on what I'm doing." Keep Your Lives Simple and Honest  (Zechariah 8:13 MSG)
  • The LORD is my light and my salvation--so why should I be afraid? The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger , so why should I tremble? (Psalm 27:1 NLT)
  • "The LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you only will be above, and you will not be underneath, if you listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, which I charge you today, to observe them carefully, (Deuteronomy 28:13 NASB)
  • Don't be afraid. I am with you. Don't tremble with fear. I am your God. I will make you strong, as I protect you with my arm and give you victories. (Isaiah 41:10 CEV)

Friend, a word of advice: Search your scriptures and write them out, keep them close and pray them over yourself when in battle. Remember, the Word of God is your Weapon! 


I am believing someone needed to see this right now. It's been contained in my unpublished archives and I feel led to share it NOW! 


Let me pray with you:


Lord, we thank you for your promised provision and protection for your people. I am believing God for those that are reading that may feel the threat of imminent danger to instead be reminded today of the Eminent One, Jesus, who has saved us from sin and death. Holy Spirit, Our Advocate and Comforter, please draw near to the hearts that are longing for the evidence of your indwellingment. Give them strength and courage, confidence and security that the Angel Armies are on assignment to protect them everywhere they go. Thank you for providing a peace that surpasses all understanding and a holy boldness to arise and declare the Word of Truth to the spirits that conspire against my friends. We lift up our eyes to the hills, Father for we know that's where our help comes from. Nothing is too big for You to handle and because we're covered by the loving blood of Jesus we can proclaim victory because we are part of Your winning team. Thank you, God for turning things around and providing testimonies for my friends to shout about Your goodness and faithfulness. We know that You are with us, for us, not against us. You have gone before us, stand behind us and are all around us. Help us hear the whisper of Your love louder than the shouts and screams of the demonic spirits that try to intimidate my friends. Silence now in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace is interceding for us. Thank you, God! We rejoice in Your glory!

I'm always just a message away, Dear Friend!




Praying with Shameless Audacity

Take it from me, the result of your blessing is directly related to the posture of your heart in prayer.



While there's no "right" or "wrong" way to pray, I believe that the way we approach God in prayer can have a direct result in the outcome of our prayers. I know this from my own experiences as well as examples we can unpack in the scriptures. 

Jesus teaches us about prayer in Luke 11 - To our Holy Father with SHAMELESS AUDACITY, humbly, and just straight up. 

I tell you, even though he will not get up and give you the bread because of friendship, yet because of your shameless audacity he will surely get up and give you as much as you need. -Luke 11:8

Let's take a journey through some real life people in the bible who are beautiful examples of shameless, audacious prayer warriors:

1. Joshua

We can also take a lesson from Joshua in the story of his prayer to make the sun stand still. (Joshua 10:13) In an epic battle of 5 Amorite kings conspiring to destroy Gibeon for partnering as allies with Israel, word was sent to Joshua in Gilgal. Joshua and his army traveled all night to sneak up and surprise the opponents. Before receiving victory over the Amorites that day, Joshua boldly prayed the sun stand still which enabled more sunlight for them to clearly see and defeat the enemy in one long, swift day. 

For more on this, I encourage you to pick up the book, Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick.

It's an INCREDIBLE resource that will challenge you to enhance your prayer life and will inspire a deeper faith in God's miraculous and limitless power!

Or click here for the SSS Devo available on the Bible App

To watch some SSS throwback messages from Steven Furtick click these links: 


2. Hannah

 Ever since I read about Hannah's heart cries, I feel like she's become my friend. I especially revisit her story when I'm feeling so overtaken by the deep desires of my heart to become a wife and mama. Most days it's easy to keep the faith and wait patiently...but there are other days where the longing is agonizing. This she knows all too well. You can meet Hannah in 1 Samuel.

After been teased and bullied for years for not being able to have children. One night after dinner, Hannah just had enough! She stood up, marched down to the temple and with her agonizing heart prayed and wept bitterly to the Lord vowing to dedicate her son if God would just miraculously bless her with a baby boy. She prayed so long and so hard she was actually accused of being drunk by Eli the priest! Fast forward 9+ months and God DID answer her prayer! She named her son, Samuel, dedicated him to the Lord as a toddler and Samuel grew up to become a prophet, priest and the last judge over Israel before the people demanded to be ruled by a king. 

 I admire Hannah for having the guts to look a bit messy and undignified in front of God. That's straight SHAMELESSNESS right there! 

3. Elijah

The prophet Elijah is another man that stands out to me when it comes to shameless, audacious prayers. In an all-out Holy hoedown at Mount Carmel, the prophet Elijah goes toe-to-toe with King Ahab along with 450 false prophets of Baal AND the 400 prophets of Asherah. (That's 850 pagan prophets and one evil king against ONE Mighty Man of God!)  It's a pretty gruesome scene filled with all kinds of crazy, but ultimately Elijah challenges them to call fire down from heaven after an few year long drought in the land. This is BY FAR one of my most favorite stories in scripture (1 Kings 18:16-39). Check out Elevation Church's creative piece for a recap...it'll amp you to grab your bible and check this out for yourself: 

....Oh and stay tuned because there's a special feature coming up on this week's #FridayFaves about this! 

So...What can we learn from these stories?

Well, first let's point out that all of these 3 examples are from the Old Testament? Did you catch that. The reason I point that out is because I have a lot of people confess to me their challenge in understanding or enjoying OT stories. These 3 are pretty fantastic, right? So...we serve the same God, right? And you believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, right? (Hebrews 13:8) ... Okay so then rest assured, Dear One, God hears your prayers and is JUST as capable and able to come through miraculously for YOU as He has for our friends! 

But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. -James 1:6

So let's not stay tangled up in our heads....we gotta keep our head in heaven and feet on the ground! He doesn't want us to be double-minded or like a wave tossed by the wind- NO!

He wants us to be anchored, unwavering, unmoving, decisive, clear-headed, stable, confident to whom we're praying and how capable He is to perform miracles! 

When you're struggling and seeking answers, here's my advice: 

  1. Get in the Word. It's all written out there! Take Holy Spirit with you on the journey of your reading and seeking. He is our Paraclete (Homework: Look it up).
  2. Pray - Our conversations with God in prayer will reveal His will, if we learn to LISTEN. 
  3. Listen - He will send specific people at specific times to speak His truth which will align with His word and His character and affirm what He's been teaching you through scripture reading and prayer. 
  4. Watch - Be expectant to receive dreams and visions! We too often overlook this powerful way God communicates with us because we doubt and question if it's just a manipulation of our subconscious mind merely reflecting our fleshly desire. In reality, this is one of His most profound ways of SHOWING our spirit what our eyes can't yet see. Don't dismiss or discredit your dreams and visions if they bring you a deep sense of peace and joy and confidence. That's GOD SHOWING you what's up!


For more on Dreams and Visions, check out the blog post, "Are Dreams From God?"