Who Even Reads Blogs?!

Who Even Reads Blogs?!

So yesterday I spent some time going through all of my blogs. I counted 103 publish blogs right here on! Wow! And that’s only since 2017!

The truth is I have been blogging since I was 15 years old. That 18 years! 18 years! That’s over half of my life. I have written on all kinds of different platforms like Blogger and as a contributing author for other publications like TBL Faith News. I love writing because to me is therapeutic and a way for me to express my creative gifts and love for our father. Though when I look back over 18 years and the thousands upon thousands of hours of writing, editing, and preparing in prayer - giving my very best, it seems as though the return on investment is quite low.

Many beauty bloggers nowadays are making a killing off of becoming a “influencer“ and recommending all of their favorite clothes and beauty products for other people to buy. I have no desire to sell other people’s crap most people don’t even really need. And I certainly don’t wanna come across like I’m selling the cause of Christ. But to me, being an influencer means more than drawing attention to myself and getting you to like how cool and popular I am but rather there’s a calling, a burning urgency, an incessant drive to share the cause of Christ…and He’s someone we ALL NEED! Amen?!


25 Amazon Must-Haves: Summer 2019

25 Amazon Must-Haves: Summer 2019

Do you ever catch yourself browsing Amazon for interesting finds? I can’t tell you how many YouTube videos I’ve watched from different influencers about their favorite Amazon products. Though I gotta admit, I’m still an Amazon skeptic. Partly because I’ve made some crappy purchases in the past and also because one of my best friends worked on their customer service team for a few years and would tell me crazy stories.

I know I usually write about all things Kingdom, Jesus, and Church but today, I thought I would share a little something different. Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds!

Here is an updated list. Also check out my previous post from May 2018, “My Favorite Favorites

My Current Favorites

Who else loves a good recommendation? I do! So for today's post, I thought I'd share some of my recent favorites! 


Many of my friends know I have had a tendency to neglect my health. Like to the extreme. I haven't been to the gym in a few years and I have difficulty with eating. In fact, for the first time ever I'm going to confess, it was a borderline eating disorder. Not that I was bulimic or anorexic, but I had issues with eating. I'm comfortable with my body and I love food but because my relationship with food is connected to a social experience, I found that because I spend so much time alone, I found eating to be an inconvenience. And when I'm super busy, intensely focused or stressed (which is pretty much always), that part of my brain that says, "Hey silly, you haven't eaten in 16 hours!" didn't seem to work. I upgraded to the Fitbit Ionic recently and have been enjoying tracking my activity, exercise, water intake and nutrition. It's been super fun to set goals for myself and even participate in challenges with friends. Do you have a FitBit? If so, let's connect there and encourage one another! 

I used to be a complete caffeine addict. A friend helped me realize recently, however, that it could be a sensitivity to caffeine that was triggering feelings of anxiety. I've since been limiting coffee, Diet Coke and green Redbull intake and have felt so much better!  I've been a big fan of Amino Energy because all flavors are so delicious. I get some energy, vitamins, a tad bit of caffeine and it's helped with focus. I've had a few friends try it and they all LOVE it! I promise, you'll love it too! And it's super convenient to put a couple scoops in little baggies to throw in my purse or work bag so that I can mix up a yummy drink any time I'm on the go. 

Alright, I'm SO not a runner. Never have been. But I've really been making a greater effort to get out and walk. Last week alone I walked 33.26 miles and completed over 86,000 steps. It's been awesome to step away from my computer, soak in some sunshine and Vitamin D and go on a worship walk in this nice Arizona spring weather (Somes up to 2 hours/day!). I didn't enjoy carrying my big 'ol phone in my hand so I did some research and someone recommended the Flip Belt. I didn't want to spend $30 on it so I found a lesser expensive alternative and let me tell you, it's AWESOME! 

I get asked ALLLLLLLL the time how I can manage so much in life. I have a business, a ministry, church responsibilities, side projects and ideas and just the to-do's of everyday life. I'm a big list maker and found that I was getting spun out and overwhelmed when I had one giant list of to-do's. Instead of having a zillion notes everywhere or things getting lost in the many productivity apps I tried, I've been using the Arc Notebook for a few years. I found it's easier to have a 5-tab organization system with notes, ideas, and to-do's so that I can stay focused on one thing at a time and yet still have everything in one place. 

Would you believe I get comments and messages frequently asking how I keep my teeth so white?! It makes me laugh! I have been using 5 Minute White for about 3 years now and it's spectacular! I kid you not, I've recommended this to no less than 6 of my friends. All of them have purchased it and ALL of them have gotten great results. Super easy and inexpensive! 

Alright so, I love makeup. And for the past several years my go-to has been the inexpensive NYX concealer. That is, until a lovely beauty blogger raved about the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and I used my sisters did I understand the rave. It's like I have a complete face's the piece that's been missing all these years! It just brightens my eyes up, makes me look fresh, awake and put together. It helps, ya know...because how many of you know, we don't always FEEL fresh, awake and put together?! {And my Mama friends say "Amen!"}. 

I always love a good recommendation...what are some of your favorite Amazon finds?