Behind These Eyes


• Is a girl with a sin-soaked history and a woman with a divinely blessed future.
• Is a woman who at the time the photo was taken was in love, ready, willing and excited to offer her heart to a man she believed God had chosen her to align with.

• Is a woman whose heart was massively assaulted, whose character was misrepresented and fell under spirits of intimidation and manipulation by one she was committed to offering her future to.
• Is this perplexing sense of sadness shown in her eyes despite how happy she felt at the time....and it's actually quite eerie to look at now, months later...
• Is a girl that felt insecure to smile because it was pointed out that her teeth weren't perfect.

• Is a girl that is wearing an extra layer of concealer to hide the blemishes that were spoken of on numerous occasions.

• Is a woman that prayed incessantly for God to show her what to do in the midst of great pain and confusion.

• Is a courageous woman who obeyed when God showed her that her heart was not safe in his hands and that she needed to put it into His ☝🏼️hands to heal it.


• Is a woman who claims VICTORY over victimhood and thanks God for His sovereign protection and healing! 
• Is a woman who's unafraid to transparently tell her story #ForHisGlory!
• Who has been called a Warrior leading the way for Gods daughters to discover and embrace their true identity in Christ!

• Is a woman that knows who she is in Christ!

Is a beloved daughter of the most high God who is protected and directed by the Holy Spirit!

• Is joy!
• Is a girl that was enjoying a beautiful day road tripping and having a blast with her girlfriend jamming out to Wilson Phillips! 
• Is a woman who is committed to His plans even when she doesn't understand them. She is unafraid, unashamed, unapologetic, unshakable, unstoppable, unbound, unstuck, uncommon, unlimited, undaunted, and undone by God's love, grace, mercy, and kindness. (@propelwomen
#NewRoadsNewRivers #behold#TellTheWorld #ForSuchATimeAsThis#Sweeter16

Watch our little Wilson Phillips Jam Sesh! "Hold On" 


I hope this blesses you today by activating the truth of who you are and WHOSE you are! You're more than a conqueror, Sis! And don't let anyone convince you otherwise! 

Let’s Chat About it!

How did you heal and recover from your heartbreak?