#FunFactFriday : How I Became A Writer

I realized recently my style of writing has progressed from journaling about my personal experiences to more informational, "article" type writing. Although I do make an effort to tie in my personal life experiences as I strive to share encouraging, uplifting, and practically helpful content so you, my Dearest Reader, can walk away with something of value. I pray I deliver on that desire! And I hope it blesses your life! 

I attribute my love for writing mostly to my Dad. Even when I was just an infant, my teenage father showed a deep desire for me to be well educated. So much so, he purchased an expensive set of encyclopedias that are still adorned on the entertainment center in my grandparent's living room.

Who remembers the time encyclopedia salesmen would come to your home to sell you on an overpriced set of books...wait...maybe a better question is: WHO KNOWS WHAT AN ENCYCLOPEDIA IS?! Thank you for the invention of the internet and Wikipedia! haha. 


When I was in 6th grade my dad moved from Arizona to Wyoming. He got the brilliant idea of starting a creative co-writing story.  I began writing a story and left it hanging and mailed (yes, SNAIL mailed) it to my dad for him to pick up where I left off and continue the story however he wanted. He'd then send it back to me to continue and we would just write and send back and forth. Lord only knows where that silly story is these days but it was SO exciting to get that letter in the mail and have that creative, long-distance bonding moment with my dad. 

Back in those days, it was before touch screen smart phones, before the easy access to high speed internet, even before I had dial-up access to good 'ole yellow running man of AOL. We would speak infrequently using 1-800-COLLECT  -OR- using calling cards.....and man, did that get expensive! Ha ha. I giggle as I know many of you have NO idea about these things or how easy we have it these days. Yes, it's a little glory moment of aging myself. Betcha didn't know I have gray hair too, did ya?! 

Okay, I digress....back to my early days of writing...

My parents were so young when I was born. Mom was almost 20 and dad had just turned 18!  I was also the first born in both families, so I grew up with lots of love and influence from my surrounding family. I'd frequently spend the weekends with my grandparents or aunts and uncles. I distinctly remember my Aunt Kerry teaching me how to say "Hair Accessory" around the ripe 'ol age of maybe 3?! I've always liked words. I like learning new words. I like looking words up in the dictionary and thesaurus.  I like studying synonyms, antonyms, and even ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Latin roots and meanings of words. 

In elementary school, English was my favorite subject. All the way through middle school and college, I could easily crank out a paper or report with ease. I admit I would frequently procrastinate and then just knock it out within a couple hours and get fantastic grades without even really trying. 

Many don't know this, but I've been blogging for nearly 15 years now. Mostly just as a form of creative expression (aka therapy). I've never really been a big self-promotion person but over the years I've been blessed with some really incredible feedback from readers. People I know personally and those from the other side of the world have sent me messages and comments sharing their own personal experiences and how my writing has helped them, encouraged them and felt like I was having a conversation directly with them, reading the lyrics to their heart song they couldn't even express themselves. 

So there ya have it, the beginnings of my passion for writing! 

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Do you have a passion for writing or blogging? If so, drop your blogspace in the comments! I'd love to connect with you!