Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself sometimes burdened and overwhelmed by the fears, worries, craziness, and chaos of life? Oh gosh, me too. I find that because I live such a full and rewarding life with ministry, business, blogging, planning and attending events, building relationships, frequent meetings and phone calls, and working on upcoming projects, if I'm not careful I can easily get spun out and overwhelmed. Sound like you? 

I find that I actually have to ask Siri to set timers and reminders on my phone multiple times a day. I nearly live by the alerts of my color-coded time-blocked calendar. I kid you not, I actually set recurring alarms to remind me to take my morning, midday and evening supplements, when to go to sleep (otherwise I'll get in creative overdrive and fall alseep on my keyboard into the wee hours of the early morning). Excitement insomnia = #TheStruggleIsReal! 

My favorite plae to break away every couple months is about 2 hours northwest of Phoenix by Lynx Lake in Prescott, AZ. It's my wrestling and resting spot. It's where I get outside the city limits and into the serenity of the pines. Away from the reach of cell phone towers and I bring a blanket, my bible and a journal. For hours, I worship my guts out, cry (both tears of sorrow and joy), pray until I'm poured out and drive away with my soul refreshed! 

So now I invite you...Take a Break! 

Your soul needs it! We are commanded to rest. 

Jesus often retreated to the wilderness to have some silence and solitude to have some one-on-one time with Father God. If Jesus, the Perfect Son of God needed a little wilderness break...trust me, you do too! 

I know, I know you're "too busy." But may I suggest, that's part of the problem, not a reason not to prioritize an intentional rest day. 

#SoulCheck Questions:

  1. What is at stake if I DON'T take some time away?

  2. What would I need to adjust in my schedule to prioritize a break?

  3. What limiting beliefs must I overcome in order to make this happen?

  4. What benefits will motivate me to create this space in my calendar?

Let's Connect! 

Where's your favorite resting and wrestling place? Are you more of a beach person or a mountain person?