Who I Once Was

Ohhhh memories. Let me introduce you to the old Heather. In 2010 after selling/throwing away/giving away nearly everything she owned she packed up her car and had just moved back to AZ after living two (wonderful) years in Denver, CO. With big dreams and goals in her heart she quickly realized things didn't quite work out as she planned. Sleeping on a futon in her friends home office she struggled to find rewarding work and ended up serving as a waitress in a sports bar. Exposed in a world of drinking away sorrrows, she pretended to have it all together but inside her spirit was withering. Sure she knew Jesus as Savior, but He was not her Lord. She spent every night drinking her tips; drinking her rent, staying awake until the sun came up, sleeping all day and working all night. She was known to make out with random people on the patios of central Phoenix bars, destroying friendships and being the quintessential mean girl to innocent souls just to make herself feel powerful. All while claiming to be a Christian, she did damage to the Kingdom with her destructive behavior. BUT GOD....

By His grace, He rescued her from that place. Gave her a promotion, rebuilt her confidence over the following few years.


Don't judge a person's story by the chapter you walk in on. People do change. Love them where they are, speak blessings into their lives. Stand and watch the hand of God work in their lives. 


It's not worth living a lie, with one foot on each side of the teeter totter, wavering between two branches. I don't miss this old life. I have a better one now. I don't have to rely on my own confidence now that I've got GODfidence.

This is only ONE chapter of my crazy story...there's more where that came from! 

I'd love for you to share your story of grace!

I will soon be featuring others' testimonies on the blog & YouTube. Let's partner together to share God's grace with those desperately searching for it!