Isn't it crazy how life is? We sometimes cruise down a path at remarkable speeds toward a life we think we desire but it's ultimately taking us farther away from our true Divine purpose.

Destruction often starts off subtle ya know, just a slight switch off at first can result in a completely crazy journey that leads you farther away the further you go.....#BUTGOD He's always there; faithfully.

It's up to us to make the decision to stop the chaos and switch direction (repent) and He promises to clearly illuminate the path of His perfect will with peace and clarity, unmistakable.

I'm so thankful I was brave enough to switch my path. Alcohol, sex...none of it satisfied. It actually robbed me of joy, peace and true security.. It's true, ya know, He does bless obedience. I'm living proof. #PreachinIt #TellTheWorld #GodIsGood#JesusJesusJesus #Delivered #SetFeee#SetApart

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