#Friday Faves | Apps

In today's edition of #FridayFaves I share 4 of my favorite apps. Each present an opportunity to connect with me and a community of real, raw, faith-filled warrior women....AND there's some exciting news @ the end! 

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YouVersion Bible App

The YouVersion Bible App is my favorite bible supplement. It's just incredible that you get to carry the entire 66 books of the bible in countless versions with hundreds of devotional studies right in your pocket! And to think, persecution and martyrdom still exist in other parts of the world. What a privilege we have! I wrote more on how I use this incredible app in "Is it a PRAYER Problem or a PRAISE Problem?!"  and would love the chance to connect with you there! Look me up, and let's be friends! 



Because who DOESN'T love Instagram, right?! I have "met" some incredible people on Instagram. My friend, Lauriel started following me a few years ago and would like and comment on my pics...then we began a conversation. And before you knew it, we were on the phone and FaceTime with eachother regularly praying, petitioning, and supporting each other during a very rough time in both of our lives!

Or my friend in Australia who came upon my IG over a year ago simply by looking up #Jesus and reached out and has become an amazing encourager, coach, and friend! 

Find me on IG @heatherferroni



Anyone else struggle with regular exercise?! I do! I admit I just don't prioritize it and fit it in to my VERY full calendar...But because I work mostly from home and get antsy pantsy sitting in front of a computer sending emails, engaging in video conferences and taking calls...I ask my good friend, Siri to set timers and reminders to get me up and moving. The Seven app is so convenient and easy for me! 7 Minutes of simple exercise with no equipment required. It's a great way to get out of bed or have a lil midday break!



What an amazing way to connect...think of FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts...BUT BETTER! I connect with colleagues all over the country for weekly meetings and coaching calls using ZOOM! Beginning September 5, 2017 I am hosting bi-weekly prayer calls using Zoom. If you're interested in connecting with other amazing warrior women to start the day with our eyes fixed on Jesus or ending an evening downloading our requests and praises before God, please send me a message so I can get you the information. We gather for just a few minutes while we're getting ready for work on Tuesdays @ 7am PST and on Thursdays @ 7pm. Won't you join us?!

Oh! AND....there will be some online book studies coming soon! Wouldn't it be INCREDIBLE to gather together virtually to connect and have conversation all from the comfort of your own home. No speeding across town in rush hour traffic to get to your connect group, no more having to miss because of a wild storm of because you don't feel too good...it's a convenient option for those outside AZ, travel for work or have very "full" lives like I do...One click login and you get to connect with your girls and have REAL conversation, share insights and ah-ha's, pray together and build relationships with women in different places! The leverage of technology is POWERFUL! If you're interested in learning more, you're DEFINITELY going to want to get on my email list because SO many exciting updates, events, and opportunities to connect are on the way! 

What are your favorite apps?