It's amazing what happens when you release those who have a distorted view of your worth as it gives access to those who clearly see you for who you really are to come in and compliment you.

 #AfterALittleWhile #Suddenly #OnlyGodMiracle

  • One sees a problem, another sees promise.

  • One sees a burden, another sees a blessing.

  • One sees liability, another sees an asset.

  • One sees inconvenience, another sees an advantage.

  • One sees impossibility, another sees adventure.

  • One rejects, another embraces.

  • One hurts, another heals.

  • One pretends, another is pure.

  • One tears down, another builds up.

  • One controls, another compliments.

  • One sees a hindrance, another sees a helpmeet.

  • One sees confrontation, another sees comfort.

  • One sees lack, another sees abundance.

  • One sees trouble, another sees triumph.

  • One may battle their own insecurity and project it on you, another is solid and strong in their identity and affirms your worth.

Take it from me, you're not an ophthalmologist!
If you are tethered with someone that has a vision problem, hand them over to the One who heals and journey on with your pretty eyes fixed on Jesus!

I hope this message was encouraging for you today. I'd love to hear your story, pray and praise with you.