My {RE}birth Declaration

On This Day....November 2, 2014. 

I was in a season of great turmoil. I was entangled in another unhealthy relationship and although my spirit had known for quite awhile I needed to end it, I fought and fought to hold onto it. Anxiety and depression took residence in my heart. I was miserable. On this night, everything changed. I had a radical Holy Spirit encounter while crying out uncontrollably on my bed, begging for God to break in and save me from this internal battle. It was a sudden wave of peace that came upon me in an instant. My aching heart felt no pain. My confused mind was replaced with complete clarity. It was almost as if I were transported to the "Holy of Holies" having a direct transactional conversation with God. I was changed and transformed and arose the next day knowing that life would never be the same. Jesus had become my LORD. The King of Kings. The driving force of my life. My #1. That day and always. He asked that I give Him my life, my fears, my hopes, my future....He asked that I serve Him fully and completely. He asked that I use my story for His glory. He asked that I begin to write and produce content to bring comfort, peace, and encouragement into the hearts of His people. That next day, He implanted a ministry in my heart titled, "Raised to Life." For about a year I build a site, made YouTube Videos, and shared my writing on that space and was also a featured writer for a few other online platforms. I began to get some recognition as I wrote about here, But I knew "Raised to Life" was a forthtelling prophecy which is to be fully birthed in the future. I switched gears this year and developed this platform, Heather! 

Here is the declaration that changed the entire course of my life. I hope it grabs ahold of some hurting, wandering hearts today. I know He's desperately seeking you even MORE than you're searching for Him. Perhaps today could be YOUR (RE)birthday?


The enemy is using the same old schemes of attack, he's not very clever. He's trying to make me believe I'm not worth it, I can't do it, I'm "too much" and "not enough" at the same time. Been so down and defeated, in isolation, under constant criticism and even being completely ignored. I may be knocked down but I'm not dead. And if I matter so little to some, they will be lovingly blessed and released because "greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." I'm a conqueror because I am protected by Almighty God. Even though I don't deserve it because I screw up all the time, I believe in Him who has saved me and that greener pastures are meant for me. I'm ready to acquire the Promised Land. I'm ready to live life abundantly. I'm ready to pull myself up off the ground and I'm saying NO MORE to the mistreatment. My shield of faith will block me from the stones thrown. My sword is sharp and I'm ready to slice through the lies. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of all my good qualities to not just be overlooked but turned into negatives. No more. I'm not perfect. I never will be. (This side of Heaven). I can't take the anchor around my feet pulling me down with unrealistic expectations. Constantly being held under the gun yet expected to drop everything to pour out all my support and encouragement when they're going through a tough time. 

I just gotta be real.

Because I believe that God allows us to face battles sometimes so that when we overcome them we can be a witness, a coach and encourager for others. I believe there are people out there that may be under attack as well and may benefit greatly from this declaration. It is my prayer, friends that you too can find the strength to face the giant. I believe you WILL overcome whatever you are up against!

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What's your birth story? Do you have a moment that God grabbed ahold of your heart? Please share your story in the comments below....Let's believe this will significantly impact someone today!