Bible Sale!

Lifeway Christian Stores is having their Annual Bible Sale! 

What's your favorite translation? 

I spent most of my years learning from the NIV. The #1 study bible I recommend to literally EVERYONE is the Life Application Study Bible.  My dear friend, Noelle recommended it to me about 7 years ago and it literally changed EVERYTHING for me! 


Change it up! 

I found myself a couple years ago becoming a bit too "familiar" with the NIV translation. (Which is a beautiful thing, right?!)...but what I mean is I found myself not as hungry and excited to get in the word, my study became a bit stale, I began to take it for granted because a somewhat significant amount of scripture had taken root in the soil of my soul that  I was able to memorize and recall regularly...but I never want to become SUCH a #NerdOfTheWord that I am not stretching myself to see it from different angles to always keep my heart in a posture of receiving it's beauty and vibrancy. 

I decided to pick up the ESV and NLT translations to help me see His Word through a new lens. If you've been studying the Bible for years and are feeling like it's not as "alive" in you as it once was, I recommend picking up a new translation. Sometimes reading it with new words will awaken a new passion within you. Try it! 


She Reads Truth

Many friends of mine have been LOVING the "She Reads Truth" bible. 


What's your favorite translation? How long have you had your bible?