AZ Vineyard Church


It was such an honor to serve as the Communications Director for AZ Vineyard Church for a year.

Summary of Achievements

  • Created + Maintained AZ Vineyard Church Website

  • Managed Social Media: Facebook + Instagram

  • Initiated Online giving platform

  • Implemented free GSuite for Non-Profits (Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive) for AZV Staff

  • Created centralized volunteer scheduling system

  • Designed cohesive brand imaging to shift cultural appearance

  • Strategized systems and processes for event planning and execution, new people welcome process, digital communications for news and announcements, and Sunday Service Plan.


One of my first projects was to create a new, engaging and community building website. The goal was to be more relational than informational and we accomplished this by using conversational copy, multilayered ways to navigate the site and get connected with events, teams, and ministry leaders. Without any paid advertisements or specific SEO focus, we witnessed a massive increase in unique page views month over month.

Digital Communications

Prior to my involvement, the church Administrator would spend a significant amount of time each week creating weekly bulletins using Microsoft Publisher. After evaluating the weekly time investment in relation to how many crumbled and scribbled on bulletins that were being thrown in the trash each week, we decided to focus more on digital communications through podcasts, online newsletters, and video announcements.

Brand Imaging

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